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Welcome to Harmonic Hypnobirthing

My name is Katie Kempster

I’m a 
Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner and Childbirth Educator.

I provide regular Group and Private Hypnobirthing classes on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and now also the Lower Central Coast of NSW.

Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM is a holistic childbirth education program that focuses on preparing you for a calm, positive and gentle birth.

Our uniquely Australian program supports and reinforces the premise of physiological birthing, and that is that women’s bodies and their babies instinctively know how to birth naturally and with ease and grace. You are empowered with the knowledge, support, tools and techniques (Breathing, visualisation, relaxation and self-hypnosis) that you need to relax, and achieve the joyful and memorable birth experience you both deserve.

I hypnobirthed my two boys using this method,it is my absolute  joy to support you in your pregnancy journey and I am deeply passionate about empowering families to feel confident and excited about their baby’s birthing day !!

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Featured writer and resident birthing expert for Holistic Living Magazine

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Extra Resource Bundle:

The Extra Resource Bundle includes the following mp3 albums:
  1. Prompts for Birthing (mp3)
  2. Glove of Endorphins (mp3)
  3. Fear Release (mp3)
  4. Breastfeeding and Bonding with Baby (mp3’s)