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The Power of Hypnobirthing: Why holistic birth practices can assist the transformation of the current paradigm of birth.

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The experience of childbirth inherently has the potential to be joyful, ecstatic profoundly connective, and it has the power as a rite of female passage to transform and enhance women’s lives indelibly.

When childbirth is mentioned in most circles, the common initial reaction is the notion that it is an intensely painful and stressful event and that a woman should do everything in her power to simply “get through it “. This is largely due to the influence of Western media where pregnant and birthing woman are most often portrayed as “ out of control” helpless and in need of a doctor and drugs to save her from an abominable experience!!!
The primal and powerful initiation that is natural childbirth has been disrespected and largely undermined in our society today by these attitudes and portrayals. Ancestral birth wisdom is encoded in every woman at a deep cellular level, but in the modern world of obstetrics and maternity care, this wisdom has become fragmented, displaced and is indeed in danger of being lost .The nature of modern birth practices, especially in Australia’s current model of maternity care reflects birth as a highly medicalised event that is unfortunately being met with increasing levels, and types, of medical interventions.

The deviation of birth from that of a normal physiological process is failing to empower women to birth confidently and with a high degree of autonomy and is denying the next generation of young women and families the access to the transformative power of natural birth.

The misconceptions of birth have conditioned recent generations of women to largely fear the process of birth and to extent surrender their power in birth, most often to their caregivers. If you have the belief that birth is painful, difficult and that you need help to “ get through” it then, without a different education and mindset, this is likely to be the experience you will manifest. It is important to explain here that fear is widely accepted as the enemy of the birthing environment.

The presence of fear, elicits a powerful physiological effect on the birthing mother. The sympathetic nervous system responds via activation of the flight/fight mechanism and releases catecholamine’s (adrenaline and noradrenaline) into her system. These “stressor hormones “ whilst beneficial in the later stages of labour, during early labour can interfere with the natural flow of birth whereby they act as an antagonist to the predominant hormone of labour “oxytocin.” It is through the pulse like release of oxytocin in normal physiological birth, that the muscular contraction of the uterus is initiated and sustained in labour.

Read more about the hormonal physiology of labour here…
Your Hormones are your Helpers – by Sarah Buckley
(Fantastic article by our own Australian medical expert in the hormones of birth)

At the most basic level, for a mother to have the best opportunity to birth comfortably and without intervention, she needs to feel private, unobserved and most importantly safe. If she is experiencing high levels of fear, these needs are most likely not being met. Just as a mother cat would not birth her kittens in the presence of a predator, the fearful birthing mother flooded with catecholamine’s, can now experience tension and pain and a consequent slowing down of her labour process. When this occurs in a medical setting, this can invariably mean immense pressure to accept birthing interventions, and to adhere to an often unreasonable hospital timeline of birth. The natural birth she had hoped for is now very likely to be impacted …

If only she had been more prepared!!!

Cue here the power of Hypnobirthing!!!

Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM is the worlds fastest growing childbirth education program that prepares mothers and their birthing companions to birth without fear and tension. When a mother and her birth companion are able to approach their birth without fear and with knowledge, good support, and tools for the birth – then their birthing can be a positive and life affirming experience.

The combination of self-hypnosis, relaxation, affirmation, visualisation, active birth and breathing techniques as fundamental to the holistic experience of Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM is able to transmute conditioned fears and prepares the mother with confidence to birth in a calm and sovereign way. This is regardless of whether she has chosen to birth in a hospital, at home, in a birthing centre or even if she is having an elective or emergency caesarean. Expectant mums learn to trust in the normal physiological process of birth, in themselves, their bodies and their babies. Birth companions learn how important it is to create and nurture sacred space for their partners so that they can birth feeling safe and supported. They are empowered to play an integral role in helping their partner to relax at the time of her labour, offering physical touch, positive reinforcement, asking questions of medical caregivers and advocating for their partner. Hypnobirthing parents are also educated to be able to adapt and use critical thinking techniques to make informed choices no matter whatever turn their birthing journey takes.

The ‘hypno’ part of ‘Hypnobirthing’ refers to the hypnotherapy component of the program. Throughout the course of the classes, fear releasing hypnosis and positive conditioning exercises are taught which can greatly facilitate a mother’s ability to enhance the release of beta-endorphins at the time of her birth. Beta-endorphins are natural pain relieving hormones, and are said to be up to 40 times more powerful than morphine!!!

Through consistent hypnotherapy practice and conditioning, the mother learns to surrender to her contractions (known as surges in Hypnobirthing) and becomes both emotionally and physically present to her labour experience, she is then truly able to direct the course of her own birth. Relaxed emotional presence in the body means that both the primal or reptilian and limbic parts of the brain are working in harmony, this allows a woman to feel calm and safe even in the midst of the strong sensations of labour. This level of empowerment is then likely to reduce the need for interventions during birthing.


There are simply so many benefits to families using Hypnobirthing techniques to optimize their birth experience and evidence shows that:

  •  The first stage of labour can be shortened by several hours;
  • Labour fatigue is greatly reduced for the mother;
  • Postnatal recovery time is faster and maternal satisfaction rates are higher
  • There are significantly lower induction and caesarean rates;
  • There is substantially less pain relief administered;
  • It creates a more integral role for the birthing partner;
  • There is a higher success rate for breastfeeding
  • it greatly reduces the need for medical interventions;
  • including augmentation, assisted delivery via forceps or ventouse, episiotomy and caesarean delivery.

Key to assisting the shift in the current model and experience of birth is the access parents who complete the Hypnobirthing Australia TM program have to current and evidenced based birthing information which assists them to confidently vision the birth experience they desire and to communicate this vision effectively with their caregivers.

Parents who haven’t had the experience of a Hypnobirthing education often report feeling overrun and powerless at the time of previous births and reflect that they wish they were more informed. Knowledge is power and especially navigating the current system of birth in Australia, it is paramount parents are informed as to their rights and choices in childbirth.

I believe it is every woman’s birthright to be able birth in the environment and in the manner she chooses and that babies deserve to be born in a space of love this is why I am so passionate about imploring parents to seek out independent childbirth education, namely Hypnobirthing !!!

Elena Tonetti Vladimirova, leading Conscious birth expert and water birth advocate from has a poignant message that sums it up well…

“When the consciousness of birth shifts from anxiety and fear to love and safety, then we will truly have a chance to reach our greatest potential. We can regain our authentic power, clear the pain of our ancestors from our system, and set the stage for our children to step into their lives as peaceful, empowered guardians of Earth.”
Katie xxx


Katie Kempster is a Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula and Energetic Healer from Harmonic Hypnobirthing on the Northern Beaches and Central Coast of NSW. 

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Pregnancy and birth is a sacred spiritual journey and its inherently receptive nature is an opportunity for mother’s to tune in and receive love from a huge field of energy. This field of energy flows all the way from source through the mother’s very own soul light essence, and encompasses the unconditional loving energy from the father as well as the unique and loving energy signature of their baby that is bonded with them in body mind and spirit.

In our modern society, there is not enough attention or acknowledgement given to the transformative nature of pregnancy and childbirth. By embracing pregnancy as a rite of passage, a wonderful space is created for the mother to move into deeper levels of self-care, self-love and conscious connection with her growing baby.


Here are 5 important tips you can follow to co-create care, self-love and a sacred connection with yourself and your baby during your pregnancy.


Mothers have been historically surrounded and nurtured by elders, sisters and midwives. The traditional role of members of a community or birth tribe has been to both support and help navigate a woman’s passage into motherhood. It is vitally important from a self-loving perspective to research and interview carefully the people who are going to be a part of your pregnancy and birth journey.

Birth doesn’t just happen to you, it is a co-creative experience and whilst all women innately know how to give birth, the state of modern maternity care necessitates clear discernment on behalf of couples to choose the care providers who are in alignment with their vision for birth and can therefore support them in a loving and caring manner.

Continuity of care from a known midwife, or a small group of midwives for example enables women to develop a relationship with their care providers. Women who have the same midwife caring for them during their pregnancy, labour, birth and post birth have the best opportunity to build a trusting relationship which increases their confidence and the outcomes for them and their babies.

Engaging a doula to support you for your birth and in the postpartum period is the ultimate self-loving act; doula is a Greek word that literally means “woman’s servant.” A wonderful description I read on pinterest recently describes a doula’s role perfectly;
“The act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for and assisting a woman prenatally during labour, childbirth and beyond.” Hire a doula!!!

Finally, finding a tribe of like-minded friends and practitioners even before you start your family will provide you with a community of support and helpful resources to ease the family transition into parenthood. Social media is definitely a great way to connect with like minded mother’s, but it is important to establish in person friendships in your local area, you will appreciate catching up for tea, attending playgroups and exchanging information as you feed and cuddle your new babies.


The sexual nature of pregnancy can catalyse some of our most significant initiations into self-love. Conceiving and carrying a baby is a reflective journey that can invariably trigger past unresolved trauma’s involving certain sexual shadows including violation guilt and shame. If your soul has been wounded or repressed as a little girl, you may find yourself participating unconsciously in unwanted and even harmful transgerational patterns.

During pregnancy and even at the time of birth, struggling to process from past traumas can severely impact on a mother’s capacity to be truly self-loving and practice consistent self-care. It can also contribute to a lack of confidence in their ability to give birth, become a competent parent and can also make them more susceptible to post partum depression.

Finding acceptance and forgiveness for past hurts gives us back to ourselves and can open the doorway for mother’s to access their true divine nature and assist them to come into peace and joyfulness in readiness for mothering. By embracing and affirming the safety of your inner child you will also become more capable of being a loving and compassionate mother.

Mother’s who have had a history involving an unhealthy relationship with food and their body image can also struggle with the increased demand for food during pregnancy and their ever-expanding body. These mamas need extra support and guidance on how to learn to love their pregnant body, keeping a journal and engaging in art therapy is a great way for them to adapt and express themselves in relation to their changing shape.

Useful therapies for clearing traumas include Somatic Bodywork, Holistic Kinesiology, EFT, Ho’oponopono, Craniosacral therapy, Transpersonal counselling, Art therapy, Dance therapy. Maintaining a loving heart connection with your partner and your baby during pregnancy can also be supported through regular Reiki treatments or by guided sessions with an energetic healer.


There is no better time to nurture and treat yourself than when you are pregnant!!!

– Maintain a healthy diet-Eating healthy high vibrational foods and staying hydrated with pure clean water during pregnancy assists you to feel good and provides the essential nutrients to support your growing baby. See a naturopath throughout your pregnancy to assist you to keep up with the needs of your growing baby.

-Meditation- can help you to feel calm and grounded as well as fostering a deep connection to your baby in your womb.

-Massage-prenatal massage has so many physiological and emotional benefits for you and your baby, schedule a regular treatment during your pregnancy.

 -Yoga and exercise– Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to slow the pace down in your pregnancy, learn to connect with your baby through movement and also to learn some specific postures that can assist you to birth comfortably.

Gentle exercise during pregnancy such as walking and swimming can help improve your physical and mental wellbeing and supports your body to be in great condition for birthing.

-Bodywork- The enormity of the physical task of growing another human takes a huge toll on a woman’s body and so it is imperative that you support your developing body with consistent chiropractic or osteopathic care.

– Take regular warm baths- with your favourite pregnancy safe essential oils.


Embrace your pregnancy as a spiritual journey for your whole family, spend time with your partner to celebrate and reflect on your transition into parenting. Consciously create your vision and goals for a positive pregnancy and birth together.

Spend time nurturing a special relationship with your baby, some of the things you can do to connect and bond with your baby pre-birth include:

  • Creating a pregnancy altar or sacred space where you can keep affirmations, visualisations and a journal specific to your pregnancy journey
  • Read and talk to your baby
  • Sing and listen to music with your baby
  • Massage and rub your belly
  • Engage in regular relaxation and breath practice
  • Create a photo journal throughout your pregnancy
  • Create some birthing art and sit in circle with other pregnant mamas
  • Ask your tribe to organise a blessingway for you and the baby
  • Have your blossoming belly painted or cast in a mould you can keep forever.

Finally do yourself the biggest favour by enrolling in a quality independent childbirth education program such as the Hypnobirthing Australia program. The integral role of your partner during pregnancy and birth will be encouraged and honoured and you will both be empowered with tools, techniques and evidence-based information to make informed choices and create sacred birth experiences.


Embody the knowing that you were BORN TO BIRTH as nature intended. Just as your baby innately knows how to develop within the womb, your body also knows how to give birth with grace and ease. Birthing is the ultimate unfolding into surrender, a miraculous, natural and divine rite of female passage.

So love yourself, your pregnancy, your body, your baby and your birth however it unfolds for you are weaving a magical story together. Most of all surrender deeply into the infinite wellspring of love that is becoming a mother, a family and meeting your baby for the very first time!!!

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Conceiving our New Humanity

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Keys to Conscious Conception

As the evolution towards greater personal health responsibility and sovereignty steadily gains momentum, the idea of consciously preparing for conception and pregnancy is becoming an important consideration for new parents of our times.
Increasing numbers of couples today are actively seeking the support, guidance, and information to assist them to consciously prepare for conceiving a new baby.

More and more research and exploration into the field of epigenetics indicates that the way we care for and relate to ourselves physically, emotionally mentally, and spiritually throughout pre-conception, in pregnancy and in birth will have significant and lasting impressions on the limbic imprint and long term health and psychology of the baby.

Conscious conception starts with the intention to create a space of love and invite a special soul to come forward from spirit and become part of your family.   Before a couple consciously conceives their baby, it is vital that they take a concerted examination of their lifestyle, habits, emotions and their beliefs. This honest look at their “stuff” coupled with dedication to enhancing their physical health and vitality and a clear intention to work through old emotional wounds and unhealthy transgenerational patterns are the keys to preparing consciously for parenthood.

My work in pregnancy and childbirth has evolved to include a greater awareness on the magic and potential of the time leading to conception. I see the keys to conscious conception as being both energetic and physical in nature. My intention in this article is to delve deeper into these keys and also to share in some special tools that were a part of my own journey in consciously conceiving my children.

Energetic Keys: Clearing Transgenerational Wounds and Patterns.

For mothers, consciously being prepared and supported to heal from any past traumas connected to the womb such as miscarriage, losing a baby and especially sexual abuse is paramount when preparing for a new baby, this may involve not only healing their own wounds but often the wounds of their foremothers and ancestors and for others still, at an even more profound level, a willingness to support healing for the womb space of Gaia.

I recommend receiving the healing rite “The Rite of the Womb” This energetic transmission from the Munay-ki states that “ The womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the womb is to create and give birth to life.” I am honoured to be a Sacred Wombkeeper and now share this rite with women of all ages, the feminine healing is profound and best shared with other women in shamanic ceremony. Shamanic journeying to your inner womb goddess is also a powerful practice and I recommend the work of Jane Hardwicke Collings’ School of Shamanic Midwifery to assist you to connect with your womb in this way.

At the time my partner and I were consciously preparing for the conception and birth of our first child, we were earnestly preparing our bodies physically and yet there was a deeper yearning to clear and detoxify from limiting beliefs and generational patterns at the cellular level of our being.

I was fortunate to meet an amazing woman who taught and ascribed to the Rayid system of healing, this system contains fascinating and compelling insights into transgenerational patterns, family dynamics and the nature of birth order. I sought her opinion on what she considered would be the most important way for parents to energetically prepare for an incoming soul. She gifted me some powerful family clearing rituals that involve identifying undesirable or negative transgenerational patterns that are present in both your maternal and paternal lineages as well as a ritual designed to support your own sacred union as a couple, that involves clearing your physical and etheric body of the imprints of past sexual experiences and energies.

The rituals work basically by use of decree, in the case of the family clearing ones you are guided to break the agreement or release the cellular connection to these negative family traits and patterns, the decree identifies and clears these patterns going back seven generations for each line. The divine union clearing also uses a decree to clear the cords and imprints of past partners and affirms the sacredness of your own union together.

It was intentional and transformative practice to work with these clearing rituals, my partner and I both released and shifted a significant amount of energetic debris and were able to process these clearings gently in lucid dream states. I now highly recommend these clearing rituals to all parents as part of their conscious conception practice.

“The process of coming into the density of Earth is wonderfully
enhanced when parents, relatives, birth attendants and
caregivers consciously choose to lift their vibration into greater
light. When there is coherent love present, it is possible to
resonate harmoniously with these very sensitive children. With
this support, these wondrous souls, who come with the ability to
express great love, can accomplish the transformational work of
replacing society’s dysfunctional structures with those that are
more conscious and humane.”
– Claire Heartsong

This channeled quote from author Claire Heartsong speaks to my soul, parents interested in conscious conception should be open to the knowing that new frequency children or “ crystalline /diamond light children “ can connect to their parents energetically even before they become joined in creation. Nurturing your relationship by doing loving things for each other and building your energy to the highest vibration of unconditional love will build a strong resonance field for your incoming baby to connect with.

It is not unusual when you are consciously creating that space of love for a baby that they will come into your consciousness in dreams and in meditation. Many incoming children will also name themselves prior to or just after conception, for this reason engaging and welcoming your unborn child via prayer, meditation, journal work, song and expressive movement are important and joyful practices.

Before conceiving my second child, I adapted a special Huna prayer whereby I described to him why I wanted him in our family and what qualities I would love him to have and what a wonderful life we would have. I repeated this prayer daily, calling in the unique soul that we would be guardians for meant that when he arrived in my womb, we were already acquainted and enmeshed in spirit, he confirmed his conception with me that evening in a dream state which was very special and a tribute to the unconscious communication we had enjoyed through participating in prayer and ritual.

Engaging in the spiritual and energetic practices for conscious conception such as the ones I have mentioned here are ideally supported and perfectly aligned through equal engagement in practices that increase the health and vitality in your physical body, your high vibrational soul is going to need a high vibrational body to develop and grow to his or her maximum potential!

Physical Keys to Conscious Conception

The formation of sperm (spermatogenesis) may take up to 120 days and the maturation of ova is subject to damage during their period of maturation, which is approximately 100 days before ovulation. What this means is that an ideal lead in time to preparing the physical body optimally for conception should be a minimum of 3-4 months and ideally at least 6 months.

At least six months before trying to conceive, both parents will benefit from undertaking a period of detoxification, engaging a largely vegan diet with emphasis on plenty of organic fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking pure structured water is optimal. It is the time to cut out any bad habits, junk foods, or processed foods and start developing good eating habits.

The use of liver herbs and supplemements to assist heavy metal detoxification may be indicated as well, basically speaking, nutritional preconception care involves ensuring an optimal supply of all factors that are essential to the health of your sperm and ova and to the developing baby and the clearance of toxins and heavy metals that have been shown to be harmful. 3-4 months before trying to conceive, the focus should be less on detoxification and more on nourishing the body with nutrient dense foods, essential fats and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Seeing a naturopath who specializes in fertility will support you to make great pre-conception nutritional choices.

Other natural therapies and physical practices supportive to conscious conception include, homeopathy,flower essences,regular exercise and yoga practice, acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy,kinesiology, somatic bodywork, yoni steaming, dance and meditation to name just a few.

There are thankfully many wonderful modalities that can assist us to “recode” our limbic imprints, and re-imprint and transform from unhealthy patterning.
With all of this new information and a myriad of passionate and diverse holistic practitioners available to conscious couples, I believe it is simply far more integral that as new humans wanting to bring about positive change on the planet that we set the conscious intention to create a joyful, healthy and loving space for new babies to be received from the outset. It is these babies that will be inheriting our earth and I see conscious conception, birth and parenting practices at the heart centre of assisting our new humanity in co-creating a much needed more abundant, equitable, loving and harmonious world.

Katie Kempster is a Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Doula, Sacred Womb Keeper and Energetic Healer supporting families on the Northern Beaches and Central Coast of NSW to create positive and sacred birthing experiences.

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Pregnancy and childbirth mark a significant life transition for a woman and her family. The profound changes that take place occur on many levels, including the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. Whilst most of the focus is on the amazing physical changes that occur in pregnancy for women, it is affirming and important to acknowledge the very normal and even universal emotional themes that run through the trimesters of pregnancy and the preparation for birth.



Pregnancy is a time of acute and heightened emotions due to the massive amount of circulating hormones that are integral to the normal growth and development of the unborn baby. The first hormone to make its appearance after conception is human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG); it is hCG that is picked up by a urine or blood test to determine pregnancy.

In a normal pregnancy, the level of hCG approximately doubles about every two days during the first 10 weeks, this is indeed tiring and emotional work!!! hCG keeps the predominant pregnancy hormones known as oestrogen and progesterone at their appropriate levels until the placenta has developed enough to take over this function. This occurs at around the 12-week mark, or at the beginning of the second trimester.

Oestrogen is considered as the big kahuna of pregnancy hormones and is vital to the healthy progression of a pregnancy. This busy hormone produced by the ovaries and later by the placenta, helps the uterus to grow, maintains the uterine lining and activates and regulates the production of other essential hormones. The other predominant hormone of pregnancy is progesterone, which is manufactured first by the ovaries and then the placenta when it takes over around the beginning of the second trimester. Progesterone keeps the placenta functioning properly and the uterine lining healthy and thick and promotes the growth of breast tissue.

It is no surprise that given the enormous surges and fluctuations in these circulating hormones during pregnancy that pregnancy is often described as an emotional rollercoaster, where women can experience rapid highs and lows, sometimes even in the course of minutes. Let’s explore some common emotions that may arise for women trimester by trimester.

FIRST TRIMESTER: The first trimester of pregnancy is a time of integrating the fact that you are pregnant, for some women who have really wanted a child this will be a joyous and celebratory time, for others it will be a total surprise, where they will feel stunned, shocked or in total disbelief. For others who had not planned on a baby, their initial reaction may be to feel very unhappy, stressed and overwhelmed.

There can be a very normal feeling of ambivalence in early pregnancy that is common to an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy. This can be further exacerbated by the physical discomforts associated with the first trimester, these mums will need extra support and understanding to assist them to integrate their pregnancy.

How your partner responds to your pregnancy news can also greatly influence your emotional state, you may feel angry or disappointed at his response which may lead to feelings of rejection and depression, it is important to understand that men can also experience a wide range of emotions in finding out they are going to be a father and that they will also often need time to integrate the news of the pregnancy and their feelings around it.

For those mamas who have had a long and arduous road to achieve a successful pregnancy or to carry a baby to term, those early weeks may be consumed with fear and anxiety that they may lose another desperately wanted baby. So, whilst some women will be dreading the sore breasts, severe nausea, fatigue, abdominal bloating and constipation that are common to the first trimester there are others who are relying on these symptoms to assist them to feel confident that their baby is developing well. Fear of miscarriage can be extremely stressful and often these mamas may put their bonding “on hold” for fear they will be attaching to a baby that may not survive, the actual process of intentional connection and fostering that connection even in very early pregnancy is a key component to developing a strong spiritual bond with your baby and helping you both to maintain the pregnancy.

The extreme fatigue and nausea often experienced by women during their first trimester can make them feel very despondent, incapable and dependent on others, especially if they have other children and are trying to work. Being, really sick, dependent on work colleagues and or a partner can lead to tension and stress, not to mention impact on the feelings of joy they wish they were experiencing and the consequent guilt that often arises due to feeling miserable physically. These mothers need to be reminded of the enormous physical task that growing a new human is and to know that it is ok to ask for extra support at this time in their life.

SECOND TRIMESTER: During your second trimester, it is common for the nausea and fatigue of early pregnancy to subside around the 14 week mark and most women will feel at the peak of their health and experience renewed energy and enthusiasm. At this point for most women their growing belly has become obvious and their baby begins to move which gives mum a more visceral and tangible sense of their presence in the womb. These movements can also be shared with partners, which also makes baby’s presence real to them, this exciting milestone enhances the joy and excitement of the ne baby and facilitates bonding for the whole family.

The second trimester is often the time that a mother begins to reflect on their own childhood and their relationship with their parents, especially their mother. It is natural for women to need support from their mother during pregnancy, depending on your relationship and belief systems, this can sometimes be accompanied by conflicting ideas that surface between mothers and daughters around the care you receive during pregnancy, the role of your caregivers and particularly the adoption of certain parenting styles.

Modern parents that I encounter in my holistic birthing business are very discerning about using complementary therapies in pregnancy, of the importance of conscious birthing methods, use healthy questioning in regards to the safety and efficacy of vaccinations and are aware of the tremendous value of using positive parenting methods. Whilst discussions around these issues can sometimes cause tension, and feelings of confusion, in the long run, they can often bring you closer to your parents who will develop a whole new level of pride and respect for you as you navigate your way to becoming a parent. I have seen many a nanny initially abhorred by the idea of “baby-led weaning” for example, see it in action and then become a great advocate for the practice.

Carrying your own baby, if you have come from a seriously abusive family can trigger past unresolved trauma sometimes involving certain sexual shadows including violation and shame. These emotions can have a strong impact on your emotional wellbeing in pregnancy, your ability to bond with your baby and how you are able to prepare positively for birth. Seeking the support of an experienced counsellor is paramount for you to work through these emotions, as is sharing this information with your caregivers. Birth is the ultimate sexual experience, so ensuring you feel safe and supported at all times whilst you process and integrate from past negative experiences is crucial to a positive pregnancy and birth experience.

Many women during the second trimester experience extremely vivid dreams, it is not uncommon for women to dream that there is something physically wrong with their baby or that something terrible is going to befall their partner. They can become unusually worried is their partner is home late, or out of contact. Fears for your partner’s and baby’s health are very normal and again talking these feelings out with your partner /caregiver and if need be a counsellor are very important for the emotional wellbeing for the mother.

THIRD TRIMESTER: By late pregnancy, you may well be feeling more physically tired again, if you have kids you might find that you are needing to go to bed when they do, frequenting the bathroom continually or experiencing that very twilight zone space that is pregnancy insomnia can be very draining physically and emotionally.

You could also be feeling overwhelmed at getting your home prepared for the baby, completing and fulfilling your responsibilities at work, and rather than being concerned for your partner’s health and wellbeing, it is at this stage that most women really contemplate how exactly they are going to manage the intensity of birth and prepare for it positively.
I am always stunned at how many couples I encounter during late pregnancy who think it is a marvellous idea, to move house or completely renovate their home just before their baby is due? This added stress impacts strongly on a mother’s already heightened levels of anticipation and anxiety and does nothing to support the “nesting instinct” that sees many heavily pregnant mother’s spring cleaning and scrubbing floors late at night!

If you have other children you may become worried about how they are going to adjust to a new baby or indeed how you are going to make the room in your heart for someone else when your love for them is so strong. This is a very normal emotional response and I always tell my Hypnobirthing parents not to worry as once their new baby arrives everyone in the family will instantly burst another heart chamber to embrace their new family member.

Third trimester for some women can mean that they begin to feel depressed and worried about the size of their body, clothes can feel uncomfortable and many mamas can feel clumsy and awkward as their bump expands rapidly. Taking care in early pregnancy to honour the uniqueness and beauty of your growing pregnant body, addressing any underlying body image issues with an appropriate practitioner and engaging in self-loving practices will assist you to foster and maintain a positive body image. See my previous article on Affirming Self-Love in Pregnancy. (Link here Sharon?)

It is in late pregnancy where many women describe feeling spaced out or having “pregnancy brain”, there may be much more daydreaming about birth, breastfeeding and caring for your new baby, and a general pre-occupation with all that is involved in preparing your loving space for your new baby.

The last four weeks of pregnancy and particularly from 40 weeks onward, can be where the real rollercoaster of emotions presents for mothers. It is common to feel very relaxed and patient for baby to come in their own timing on any given day, and then to feel impatient, exhausted exacerbated and even desperate that they arrive the next!

Unless your caregivers are fully aligned with the normal physiological processes of pregnancy and birth, which includes the knowledge that a normal pregnancy can be anywhere between 37-42+ weeks, I am saddened to say that far too many women encounter undue pressure to birth their baby’s to individual practitioners and hospital timelines. This can cause a great deal of anxiety and stress for heavily pregnant mamas, as they are often threatened by caregivers and guilted into unnecessary interventions and inductions. This is where a positive and evidence based Childbirth Education program such as The Hypnobirthing Australia program I teach can make all the difference to support parents to communicate effectively with their caregivers and make informed choices for their baby.

Helpful suggestions for supporting the emotional waves and sensitivities in pregnancy include:

  • Maintaining an excellent diet and exercise program and keeping well hydrated.
  • Using the very safe and effective Australian Bushflower Essences to align you to emotional balance.
  • Practicing consistent self-care. See my article on Self Love in Pregnancy.
  • Engaging in a Childbirth Education Program that will prepare you positively with tools and information to feel confident for birth. See my article on The Power of Hypnobirthing
  • Communicating your changing feelings openly and honestly with your partner and caregivers.
  • Keeping a journal as an effective way to channel and process your emotions.
  • Engaging in creative forms of expression as another outlet for your emotions, prayer,ritual,painting, sketching, sculpting, singing and dancing.

Ultimately, pregnant women and those all around them need to appreciate their heightened sensitivities and acknowledge and accept these feelings as being both valid and important. A sense of trust and gratitude that all of the emotional intensity of pregnancy is also paving the way for an adjustment to the equally challenging emotional pathways of motherhood is reassuring too.

So next time you come across a tired, cranky and emotional pregnant mama, give her a big hug, listen to her and reassure her that it is all worth it once she looks upon her baby’s shining face!

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“ The Birthing Environment- Creating a Sacred Space for Birth”

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One of the most often overlooked elements in the preparation for your baby’s arrival is time spent contemplating and planning how to create a sacred birthing space that will be conducive to peace and calm for your baby’s birthing day.

This space will hold the energy for everyone in the room, including your little one making his journey earth-side, so it is important whether you are at home or in a hospital that you feel completely at ease and supported in your birth space.

Birth is a truly sacred event and so your birth environment should allow you to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed so that you can labour uninhibited, release endorphins naturally and achieve the most natural, positive and empowered birth experience possible.

The following are a few suggestions on how you can create a sacred birth space:

  • Use a Space Clearing Mist to clear the energy of the room.
    The “ Space Clearing Mist “ from The Australian Bushflower Essences is a perfect choice for this.
    As you spray the room, set the strong and positive intention that your birthing will take place with calm, ease and confidence.
  • Soften the lighting.
    Turn off any lights and draw the blinds if it is daytime. If it is nighttime, dim or turn off the lights and if you are in a hospital environment then use flameless or battery operated candles. You can also take a coloured scarf in your favourite birthing colour and throw it over any lampshades.
  • Create a couple of music playlists.
    One playlist can be dedicated to your Hypnobirthing conditioning CD’s and affirmations, and the other can be full of songs you love that have special meaning to you. Be sure that the majority of your birthing music is soft, healing and calming in nature. Music for meditation is ideal.
  • If you are birthing in a hospital, bring your own pillow.
    Hospital pillows can be so stiff, if you want to be super comfortable, bring your own pillow and even a special blanket as well.
  • Make an altar.
    Take things and put them up in your birth space that inspire you, calm you, and give you focus and strength. Pregnancy photos, affirmation cards, baby’s ultrasound picture, visualization cues such as opening flower pictures egg the Lotus or Australian Red Lily are a great idea. Other suggestions include pictures or statues of deities and goddesses that watch over birth such as Lady Quan Yin, Diana and Lakshmi. Crystals raise the vibration of any environment, moonstone, rose quartz, black onyx, orange calcite, and unakite are all traditional childbirth gemstones that you could consider taking to your birth. Take whatever or whoever it is that inspires you, centres and motivates you.
  • Use an electrical aromatherapy oil burner and 100% pure essential oils.
    Aromatherapy is a very powerful modality well suited to lending positive support to the birthing environment. The olfactory signals activated from inhaling pure essential oils, target the limbic structures in the brain including the hypothalamus, they can therefore exert a very calming and positive effect on the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system.
    Essential oils in the delivery room can both disinfect and create a relaxing ambience. A balancing and relaxing mix to add to your burner could be: lavender, chamomile, and frankincense, lemon, geranium.
    As a warm compress, a combination of jasmine and lavender could be placed on the mother’s lower back.
    Clary sage has been found particularly effective for supporting muscular activity and can be simply dropped onto a handkerchief and inhaled throughout your birth.
  • Be discerning about whom you allow into your birth space.
    Every individual holds a certain energetic signature, and everyone’s presence in the room is making a contribution to the dynamic and energy of your sacred birth space. It is important that you only allow the people around whom you feel positive and wholeheartedly supported by into your birth environment. This will ensure that only a truly loving and unconditional birth team surrounds you and you will feel safe.
    When preparing for your baby’s birth, make it a priority to create a nurturing and familiar birthing environment that can support you to relax, go inward and achieve a calm, satisfying and joyous birth experience!

Katie Kempster CHt, HPCE, Director at Harmonic Hypnobirthing.

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Pregnancy, and the Immune system; The miraculous nature of Gestation.

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When researching for this edition of Holistic Living Magazine focused on the Immune system, I found some fascinating information pertaining to the interrelation and connectivity between the maternal and foetal immune systems during pregnancy.

Here is a list of 6 interesting facts regarding  Pregnancy and the Immune system.

  1. A mother’s uterus should technically reject and regard their developing baby as foreign – but it doesn’t.

During gestation, the maternal immune system develops what is known as a tolerance to the foetus. Immune tolerance in pregnancy, otherwise referred to as “gestational maternal immune tolerance” is the absence of a maternal immune response against the foetus and the placenta. It is this tolerance that explains why the mother doesn’t reject the growing baby even though by nature it contains the genetic material of the father and should therefore be considered a foreign entity. Maternal immune tolerance is a unique example of how the immune system adapts what would normally be a destructive response to a state of tolerance.

2. The placenta forms an immunological barrier and a remarkable communication organ between mother and baby

The placenta is attached to the lining of a mother’s uterus as well as to the baby’s umbilical cord. It begins to form in week 4 of pregnancy and continues to develop over the next couple of months coming fully “online” to support the developing baby at around 12 weeks of gestation. One of the placenta’s main roles is to allow the transfer of nutrients and oxygenated blood from the mother to the baby; it also disposes of the baby’s waste back to the mother. This system is referred to as the placental circulation. The placenta also produces hormones and builds a defense system that acts as a shield for the baby, providing protection against many types of bacteria and infections. This process involves transferring antibodies from the maternal blood supply to the foetal circulation; it is this process that gives the foetus passive immunity that can provide effective protection from specific infections.
The mother delivers this amazing temporary organ, soon after the baby is born in what is known as the third stage of labour.

3. The hormones of pregnancy can provide temporary remission from some chronic conditions.

Maternal tolerance may help explain why some autoimmune disease symptoms are lessened in pregnancy. Autoimmunity occurs when the immune system launches an inflammatory response against your own body. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune skin disease that speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells, it is characterised by the formation of red and crusty patches and silvery scales or plaques. Many women report a significant improvement in their psoriasis during pregnancy; a 2005 report attributed this improvement to the increased levels of oestrogen relative to progesterone during pregnancy. Expectant mothers with Multiple Sclerosis can also see their symptoms vastly improve or even disappear, particularly in the second and third trimesters. Finally, many women with Rheumatoid Arthritis report significant relief from joint pain during pregnancy.
The mechanisms of these immune modifications in pregnancy are still being studied and typically, the pregnancy doesn’t usually provide a permanent cure for these conditions, which generally return fairly soon in the postpartum period.

4. Foetal stem cells can repair the mother during pregnancy and male DNA can even be found in the brain decades after they have given birth!

It is now commonly recognised that during pregnancy, the placenta enables a two-way transfer of immune cells between mother and baby. This process is known as “foetal microchimerism”. Foetal cells exhibit a remarkable ability to migrate across the placenta into the mother and to integrate with diverse maternal tissues and organs, where they are able to target sites of damage and disease and have been found to persist for years, probably for a lifetime, in the circulation of normal women. DNA from male babies can cross the blood brain barrier, which becomes more permeable in pregnancy and enter the mother’s brain, where it can remain for decades.
A study of pregnant mice published in 2011 found that when a pregnant mouse has a heart attack, her foetus donates some of its stem cells to help rebuild the damaged heart tissue. Doctors have also observed that women who experience weakness of the heart during pregnancy or shortly after giving birth have better recovery rates than any other group of heart failure patients.
The old adage “you will always find a piece of me in your heart” couldn’t be more true with the knowledge of this amazing pregnancy phenomenon!

5. Normal vaginal delivery involves the seeding of the baby’s microbiome and the subsequent development of their lifelong immune system.

The human microbiome contains the genetic material of all the microbes-bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses that live on and inside the human body. The majority of these microbes live in our gut, particularly in the large intestine and current research suggests that between 70-80 percent of our immune tissue lies within our digestive system. It was once thought that babies in utero were in a completely sterile environment, but it is now commonly known that mothers do transfer gut microbiota via the placental circulation. In the weeks and days leading up to birth, specific species of good bacteria are migrating to key locations in the mother’s body and are transferred to the baby during and immediately after birth via the birth canal, exposure to faecal bacteria, immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth and with the initiation of breastfeeding. This process kick starts the colonization of the baby’s gut with bacteria from the mother and it is those microbes that have the earliest and most significant influence on the development of the baby’s immune system and helps to protect the infant from disease for its entire lifetime!

6. Breast milk is nature’s first immune booster!

Colostrum is an early form of milk that babies receive in the first few days after birth; it is rich in immunological components such as secretory IgA, lactoferrin, leukocytes and oligosaccharides or sugars. These sugars in breast milk function as prebiotics for the bacterial strains of the baby’s microbiome and effectively provide the fuel for the foundational gut microbiota to colonise and proliferate. As babies get older, leukocytes in breast milk naturally wane if everybody is healthy, but when an infection appears, leukocyte levels in the breast milk come firing back again to support the baby’s immune system.
Interestingly, the immunity that breast milk imparts, it seems, may depend in part on a mixture of milk and baby saliva flowing upstream. The material contained in the baby’s backwash may actually cause a mother’s body to create made-to-order immune factors that are then delivered back to the baby in milk. Through this backwash, the baby may be effectively placing an order that helps a mother’s body manufacture germ specific and uniquely ordered milk, very clever indeed!

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Radio Interview: Empowering Motherhood Interview With Tara Darlington

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I was recently overjoyed to be interviewed on the Global Womens Network Radio ( eWN ) by the amazing Tara Darlington: Yoga & Birth Services .

Tara’s show , the Empowering Motherhood program that airs on Blogtalk radio is inspirational heart centred and informative, Tara is shining her light and wisdom on women’s journeys from pregnancy to motherhood and parenting for women who listen all over the world.

Her passion and momentum to support normal birth and conscious parenting has attracted so many amazing guests including Dr Sarah Buckley, so I am thrilled that I was able to share in my passion for teaching the HypnoBirthing Australia program and providing holistic support in pregnancy and birth in our interview.

I hope you enjoy !!!

I hope you enjoyed that interview. If you would like to know more about how hypnobirthing can support you in having the birth of your dreams please don’t hesitate to contact here.

Yours in empowered birthing,

Katie .. xxx


Katie Kempster
Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner
0424 095 461

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Anakin’s empowering Hypnobirth !!!

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After birthing my first baby unexpectedly at 36 weeks I was not  certain but overjoyed to have reached the 40 week mark in my second pregnancy. At three days past my supposed  “due date”, I went to bed quite late listening to my Hypnobirthing music, to awake suddenly at around 4.30am to some tightenings. I tried to stay asleep but couldn’t, so I got up and enjoyed a surreal and powerful 30 mins with just me and my baby and the earliest morning birds resident to Mona Vale beach , knowing that this was going to be our longed for birthing day!

My surges were coming steadily and rhythmically so I woke my husband, arranged for my father in law to come and be with my toddler and prepared to drive to hospital. I was so calm and relaxed yet super excited to meet our little one!

I started using the self-hypnosis skills and breathing techniques I had practiced in both pregnancies, the result was that after growling at my hubby for driving too fast over the speed bumps on the way to Manly, I walked into hospital at around 6am and was pleased to learn I was 10 cm dilated… the power of Hypnobirthing!

After setting up sacred space with my Australian bush flower blends, oils, candles,visualisations,my favourite birthing crystals. I enjoyed a trance-like state of bliss in the birthing pool. My husband held space for me to fully surrender to my powerful surges , he gave me light touch massage and whispered encouraging prompts into my ear. When the timing felt  right, I wanted the assistance of gravity so I got out of the pool and birthed my second little boy dynamically and joyfully at 8.30am. We were wonderfully supported and enjoyed a physiological 3rd stage which means, no synthetic oxytocin injection, an unclamped cord for 15minutes and an uninterrupted magical bonding period with our new bub that we will never forget.

My birth experience was so satisfying and transformative, it prompted me to train as a childbirth educator and I now run a successful Hypnobirthing business, on the Northern beaches and Central Coast of NSW,  assisting other mums to believe in their bodies and enjoy, yes enjoy  their births as much as I did!

My precious little hypnobub Anakin !!!



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5 Simple Techniques for Managing Pain Naturally and Birthing without Fear!!!

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5 Simple Techniques for Managing Pain Naturally and Birthing without Fear!!!

Hypnotalk promo picture



“According to physiological law, all natural, normal functions of the body are achieved without peril or pain. Birth is a natural, normal physiological function for normal, healthy women and their healthy babies. It can, therefore, be inferred that healthy women, carrying healthy babies, can safely birth without peril or pain.” – Dr. Jonathan Dye, 1891

As an experienced Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Childbirth Educator, and mother who enjoyed two pain free empowering births, I am forever quizzed as to how women can really manage pain during labour naturally and look forward to their baby’s birthing day?

Here are my top 5 tips for managing pain naturally during childbirth!!!






Birth is a truly sacred and primal event and so your birth environment should allow you to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed so that you can labour uninhibited, release endorphins naturally and achieve the most natural, positive and empowered birth experience possible.

*Dim the lights, use candles at home and take LED candles to the hospital so that you are not startled by the hospital lights and taken out of your “ zone”.

*Speak in low tones; play calming relaxation or meditation style music.

*Use aromatherapy with high therapeutic grade 100% essential oils, diffuse them, put them on your body and place them in your bath water.

*Whether you are at home or in hospital, surround yourself with familiar comforting and relaxing items, it could be birth affirmations, visualisations, family pictures.


Hayley Affirmation pic



Relaxation and breathing techniques such as nasal breathing, relaxation breathing and diaphragmatic breathing can centre birthing women and focus their mental state during labour. Tension increases pain, relaxation reduces it. Listen to relaxation CD’s specific to childbirth eg Hypnobirthing, throughout your pregnancy and at the time of your labour. They will condition you to be able to “ let go” at the time of your birth. Birth breathing techniques are soooo important; oxygen improves the way your muscles work, and when your muscles work better (your uterus is a set of of smooth muscle cells) birth functions better!

Nasal breathing is particularly important as it accesses and facilitates the connection to the parasympathetic nervous system, this is the happy/calm part of our autonomic nervous system, we should all strive to be operating in this system for most of our daily life, but especially during childbirth as it encourages the release and maintenance of our beta-endorphins which are our natural pain relievers in labour. Beta-endorphins have been proven to be up to 40 times more powerful than morphine !!!



Mental imagery is a highly effective labour pain management technique; professional athletes to naturally enhance their performance use it frequently. When we visualize ahead of time a sequence of events, as we would like them to happen, we mentally prepare ourselves to be present to that situation. This reduces anxiety of the unknown in that the scene has become a familiar one, not a new experience to be feared. Labouring women may visualize their cervix opening, their uterus filling up a balloon during a contraction or their baby descending the birth path with ease. These techniques are particularly effective when paired with a visual picture such as an opening lotus flower or when combined with a relaxation script, either read by a birth companion or in an audio form.

lotus flower


The use of water is well documented as a labour pain management        technique. Warm water immersion can be very effective for comfort and pain relief during labour. Water provides support and buoyancy that enables labouring women to relax and take advantage of the weightless feeling it provides. Warm water immersion in labour can significantly diminish stress hormones (catecholamines) and reduce pain by increasing the body’s production of pain relievers (beta-endorphins). It can ease muscular tension and help you to relax between contractions.

When you are upright in labour, gravity assists to move the baby down and out. Being on your back slows labour, increases the likelihood of tearing, and reduces oxygen flow to the baby. Changing and moving into positions that your body wants to during labour whether you are in or out of the water is key to working with your birthing body and eliminating discomfort.





Fear is the biggest enemy to the birth room, fear creates tension and tension creates pain, a woman needs to approach her birth having released any and all fears she may be holding around the pregnancy, birth process and becoming a mother. Eliminating these often conditioned fears and replacing them with a positive expectation for birth is greatly supported by taking a private childbirth education course such as Hypnobirthing Australia, Active birth, and Gentle birth.

Alongside relaxation, emotional support may be the most imperative, and most overlooked, natural labour pain management technique for all labouring women.  Studies have shown that women supported by other women, including knowledgeable birthing companions and especially doulas or professional labour companions, experience more positive, less complicated births and report more satisfaction with their birth experiences.  They also show less use of pain relieving medications and other interventions during birthing and faster recovery.




Katie Kempster is a Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Childbirth Educator from Harmonic Hypnobirthing,







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10 Powerful Australian Bushflower Essences for Your Pregnancy Journey

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The Australian Bush Flower Essences are a gentle, yet extremely powerful system of healing that can help align you to emotional, physical and spiritual harmony.

The essences are completely safe, contributing only positive shifts to one’s wellbeing, making them the perfect remedy for pregnant women, babies and children

What sort of emotional and physical problems in pregnancy can be addressed effectively  by The Australian Bush Flower Essences?




The threatened miscarriage of a baby , especially if you have experienced previous miscarriages, is a harrowing mindset to be engaged in.

Emergency Essence is the combination remedy to have on hand and take regularly as any anxiety surrounding the possibility of losing your baby surfaces.

Woman Essence taken during the first trimester can also help to protect you from the threat of losing your baby, via its action in supporting the early and rapid hormonal changes.




Morning sickness is often associated with a mother’s fear surrounding some aspect of her pregnancy and initiation to motherhood.

The remedy for fear is Dog Rose, it is found in the combination Confid Essence, and if you suffer from morning sickness you will find this essence may also help ease your sensitive tummy.

Dog Rose  Dog Rose

Other remedies for nausea in pregnancy include;

Calm and Clear Essence to settle your stomach and aid digestion.

Dagger Hakea and Mountain Devil to support the liver

Woman Essence to support hormonal balance.





Many pregnancy cravings signal that your body is needing a particular nutrient at a particular  time, listening to your instincts when this happens is a great idea, Bush Fuchsia, found in the Woman Essence, will assist you to access your intuition and make the best food choices throughout your pregnancy.

Bush Fuschia Bush Fuschia

Calm and Clear Essence contains both Crowea and Bottlebrush. Crowea supports  the regulation of hydrochloric acid, essential for protein digestion, and Bottlebrush supports the large intestine ,taken together, both of these essences can help to reduce cravings by improving digestion and bowel transit time.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 5.16.05 PM Crowea

Peach-Flowered Tea Tree can also assist in the reduction of cravings as it works specifically with the pancreas in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Peach Flowered Tea Tree Peach-flowered Tea-tree




Expecting a baby is a profound and transformative  experience, it is common to have fear and grief surface during pregnancy in addition to many other emotions in relation to your babies health and well being, your pregnancy journey , your ability to give birth, become a mother and how you will transition to a new little family unit.

The combination essence Relationship is often helpful as it contains flowers such as bluebell,dagger hakea boab and flannel flower which all assist the mother to express and verbalise her feelings, clear resentment as well as helping her to release early family conditioning.

Tailor made remedies with an Australian Bushflower Essence Practitioner for specific concerns are highly recommended for specific emotional challenges in pregnancy.

Bluebell Bluebell


Boab-SE Boab




Confidence is vitally important for you as your baby’s birthing day draws nearer. When you feel confident in yourself and your body’s ability , you are more likely to enjoy a smoother and empowered birth experience with less likelihood of intervention.

Five Corners , a remedy in the Confid Essence will assist you to develop a sense of self-love and belief in self, it will assist you to build confidence in your body and its ability to give birth with grace and ease.

If you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the medical system, this combination essence will assist you to build the confidence to ask discerning questions, be clear about your choices and achieve your ideal birth.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 5.16.44 PM Five Corners

Loss of Confidence due to your changing body shape can be addressed and reframed with the help of Billy Goat Plum , this essence engenders acceptance and respect for your physical self and will help you to feel so proud of your pregnancy body.

Billy Goat Plum Billy Goat Plum




At the end of your pregnancy, you may be feeling physically uncomfortable as you are stretched to your limits!!

Your baby will also be dealing with more physical restriction as he/she continues to develop in your womb.Wild Potato Bush will free both you and baby physically and emotionally giving you both a sense of freedom and renewed enthusiasm.

Wild Potato Bush Wild Potato Bush


If you are feeling impatient for baby to arrive, Black-eyed Susan is the remedy to use to centre yourself and be at peace with baby coming in their own timing.

In the last weeks of pregnancy , many mums are often accosted by friends, relatives and strangers alike with all manner of birthing stories (mostly horrendous ones! ) Here ,the essence of Fringed Violet works well by fortifying and sealing mums aura and providing psychic and energetic protection. Many pregnant mums report that they no longer have these experiences while taking the Fringed Violet essence.

Fringed Violet Fringed Violet

All photos courtesy of all rights reserved.


The uses for the Australian Bushflower Essences in Pregnancy are limitless. They are equally amazing and beneficial in supporting women in labour and birth…more on the essences for labour later!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost , any questions regarding the essences are so welcome, they are my absolute passion.

Essences can give you that energetic lift and shift you really need to support you in pregnancy!!!

Love and Blessings Katie xxx


Katie Kempster is a certified Natural Therapist, an Australian Bushflower Essence Practitioner for over fifteen years,a  Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and a conscious Birth Doula who specializes in prescribing remedies for pregnant and birthing women.

A 10minute consultation over the phone and the postage of your remedy costs as little as $40

Checkout my tailor made  bushflower combinations for labour and recovery here:

























































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