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The Australian Bush Flower Essences are a gentle, yet extremely powerful systems of healing that can help align you to emotional, physical and spiritual harmony.

The essences are completely safe, self-adjusting and facilitate positive energetic shifts to your wellbeing, making them the perfect remedy for pregnant and labouring women.

After working intimately with the essences for close to fifteen years, I have formulated a very specific set of essence blends using the Australian Bush Flower Essences, that address and support the needs of mother’s in the various stages of labour and in the post partum period.

The essence blends are available separately or as an Essence birthing kit.

Essence One: Birth Wisdom

(Rescue remedy for birth.)


Birth Wisdom is for the first stage of labour and it contains essences that assist in calming, grounding and centering mother’s and their birth partners. On a physical level, the essence blend also assists with hydration and promoting endurance. during labour. At the spiritual level, it has essences that assist mother’s to communicate  intuitively with  their baby and to trust in their inherent body wisdom.

Birth Wisdom can be taken throughout labour, every twenty minutes if required by both mum and birthing companion. I usually recommend a dose every 1-2 hrs. during labour.

Essence Two: Birth Goddess


Birth Goddess is a blend designed to facilitate and support the second stage of labour and the shift in energy that is associated with this stage. It contains essences that assist mother’s to stay focused,  “let go “, follow their body’s lead and to access the wisdom of her foremothers. Mother’s are honoured and supported in this blend with the strength and wisdom of the Shakti energy!!!

Birth Goddess can be taken every 20 minutes in the second stage of labour.

Essence Three: Baby’s Blessing


Baby’s Blessing is an exquisite blend of essences designed for baby’s first breastfeed or bath and welcomes and holds them in a loving and protected space for those early weeks outside the womb.It contains essences to clear negative ancestral ties as well as for auric protection.

Baby’s Blessing is to be placed on the breast at the first feed or can be used topically on the baby’s fontanels, or used for the first two weeks in baby’s bath.

Essence Four: New Mother Support


New Mother Support contains essences that enhance recovery from birth, assist in stabilising hormonal balance and for breastfeeding and bonding support. The essences used also assist mother’s to access and honour their mother’s intuition and instincts in caring for their new baby, and is also designed to help with adjusting to the life change that is bringing a new soul into the world.

New Mother Support is taken twice daily from the first day of baby’s birth!!!


COST of THE HARMONIC BIRTHING KIT is $88 and includes the gift of a unique birthing and bonding crystal for mum and baby.

Individual blends are: $22 for a 25ml

$33 for a 50ml

Postage is: $7.50 Australia Wide

Individual essence blends to cater for specific concerns during pregnancy are also available via a 10minute phone conversation or via sending me an email listing your issues to address.


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