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The use of aromatherapy combinations to support the labouring mother is well documented and can be a very effective complementary therapy for assisting in the birth process.

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils have the unique ability to activate the limbic area in the brain ,which is considered the emotional control centre.  The limbic system, having responsibility for the regulation of emotions , is also the storehouse for memories; this is why scents can remind you so powerfully of people and sometimes places from your childhood. When essential oils are inhaled, they go directly to the limbic  brain via transportation from a receptor neuron. The other four senses; taste, sight, touch and hearing  are all first activated through the thalamus before reaching designated areas of the brain.

The limbic system is directly connected to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance, this is why therapeutic-grade essential oils can have remarkable and far reaching physiological and psychological effects. They are especially effective for the birthing mother who is naturally centred in the primal and limbic areas of her brain during labour, and is constantly receiving information from the environment to be interpreted by the limbic system.

Therefore the use of therapeutic grade essential oil preparations to target your limbic centre can be a powerful tool to assist the mother to remain supported within her “birthing brain”. At various stages during birth different oils may be effective for their calming/meditative/energising properties. Some of the oils in the traditional birthing combinationc such as Clarysage and Jasmine have also been studied to be “oxytocic ” meaning they can support the activity of the uterine muscles in labour. For this reason, they are only to be considered for use while in labour and not before!!!

Harmonic Hypnobirthing’s unique blend of labour supportive 100% pure essential oils from includes Jasmine, Clarysage, Lavender and Neroli these oils are carefully blended in a base of Sweet Almond oil.

I was prompted to begin making these combinations for my Hypnobirthing clients, as it can get very expensive to make these oils up for yourself!

Uses for Labour include the following:

  • Topically on the lower back as a compress or straight onto the skin
  • Applied liberally into the bath water.
  • To be dropped onto a tissue or a handkerchief and inhaled frequently by the mother.
  • To be diffused in the birth environment.

$24.95 for a 100ml bottle

$39.95 for a 200ml bottle

$9.95  postage Australia wide.