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I am a passionate  Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and also an Advanced practitioner of Elaine Croker’s Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibrations, which is a powerful energetic healing modality that involves “talking to your cells” both of these energetic healing techniques can be nourishing and energetically supportive during the sometimes overwhelming physical and emotional journey through pregnancy.

My personal connection and love for the angels and the Angelic realm is what lead me to the Angelic Reiki Healing system. Angelic Reiki is a safe, natural ,high vibrational and multidimensional system of healing and consciousness expansion that facilitates a connection through the Angelic Kingdom to your own soul’s energy, bringing about a powerful yet gentle healing.

I call upon the angels in all of my teaching and healing work, and in the Angelic Reiki session for pregnancy,  facilitate specific angelic connections and healing energies for birthing mothers and their babies. The Australian Bushflower Essences and the Essences of Angels are a profound addition to my work ,I witness consistently how effective they can be in facilitating positive change and aligning mother’s to spiritual physical and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy.

Prime Tuning of Cells is a simple but profound healing system which utilises muscle testing and specific channelled stress release messages to diagnose and balance the body at its very source ” the cells “.

The specific Prime Tuning Energetic  Balance  I offer for pregnant mother’s involves clearing any remaining fears surrounding birth, deepening connection to the baby  and is especially designed for boosting birth intuition and increasing the mother’s confidence in her bodies ability to birth naturally.

COST OF ENERGETIC HEALING SESSIONS: $80 per session and includes an Australian Bushflower Essence/Angelic Blend to affirm and integrate your healing experience.

I will generally visit you privately for these sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Contact Katie : 0424095461 to arrange your Angelic Reiki or Prime Tuning session.


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