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 Birth Stories

Hypnobirthing Twin Account of Saskia and Chloe, born 22nd Aug 2016

My name is Jessica and I have a 2-year-old Daughter Lais and 10-week old Identical Twin Girls, Saskia and Chloe.


Birth Affirmations for the Labour Room

My Hypnobirthing journey started in 2014 I had previously undertaken a Hypnobirthing course (Mongan Method) for my first born Daughter which got me through a long and quite complicated labour of 36 hrs. It was an attempted Home birth with independent midwife and Doula, it ended up in a hospital transfer and vaginal delivery with assisted forceps and episiotomy.

Having twins that were mid-high risk as they are sharing a placenta was a constant reminder by the obstetrician and some midwives that it could end in a C section, which was the last thing we wanted. Therefore, it was my job to believe in myself and my body all over again.

Having the Hypnobirthing already installed in my subconscious education allowed me to tap into this platform for the second time around. I decided to Approach Katie knowing her previously and that she was in the Central Coast, where we had just moved to from the Northern Beaches.

Katie came to our house and did one to one sessions with my Husband and I in the evening once our Daughter was in bed. Katie helped us to create a sacred space during the sessions which is something we also created in the Birthing suite. We did this with a sign on the door and colourful flags, music and positive affirmations, crystals and a birthing necklace.


Jessica’s beautiful birthing necklace

The refresher Hypnobirthing sessions reminded us of the tried and tested practices and brought us some new tools to add, new tracks and affirmations to listen to.

Katie also helped me with fear releasing and offered some affirmations specifically for twins and other general fears I was holding onto around having a large family all of a sudden.

Katie has a beautiful positive and assertive energy which can assist couples to know where they stand when welcoming their child in to the world. This is empowering and refreshing to hear whether you are first time parents or need to focus when you have other children or are getting over a birth that didn’t go to plan.

My birth with the twins started with an induction, however I was already dilated and ready which then lead to a very positive, drug free and almost pain free birth of the girls being delivered in less than 1.55min.

I can honestly say that my mind was somewhere else and my body was doing all the work for me. The surges were manageable even at the highest intensity.

It really is a powerful tool that I can highly recommend and helped to bring my twins in to the world (one without any medical staff in the room).

This was a healing birth for me and my highest life achievement !!!

I can only Thank Katie for her skills and knowledge and sharing this with us.


Twin mumma Jessica and her doula, using shoulder relaxation, surge breathing and mudras!


Saskia is born, birth team present in full loving support,dad,doula midwife and mumma !!!



The Hypnobirth of Sofia Halo

“Katie Kempster is an angel sent from above. From the moment I met with her to discuss Hypnobirthing and her becoming my doula, I knew I would have a safe, calm & natural birth for my daughter. Katie is best described as a gentle, calming, pregnancy & birthing guide, with knowledge unlike any other, full of divine wisdom and a master of many, many magical crafts.

I have never felt more nurtured in my life & I was completely at peace because Katie had everything under control leading up to and at the time of my birth, she was always 5 steps ahead, attending to me emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Thanks to Katie and Hypnobirthing, I was full of positive intentions and excitement the day I went into labour. The day was long but so spiritual, supportive and empowering. Katie had brought her bag of tricks to keep me hydrated, motivated, calm and comfortable. She had essences, remedies, candles, music, drinks, snacks, compassion and love & I was listening to positive birth mantras, doing the hypnobirth visualisations and using the breathing techniques Katie had taught me.

We stayed home as long as possible and then within a couple of hours of arriving at the hospital Sofia was born without complication or intervention!!

She made a smooth transition from womb to world into the one and only bath (thanks to Katie calling ahead and organising). My hands were the first to touch my little girl and I brought her to the surface for her first breath and our first hug. Katie was right there beaming, teary and so very proud of me. The space remained calm, quiet and hushed. After some time I was helped out of the bath while still holding Sofia and was led to lay down on the bed.

For the next hour I was left to have a physiological third stage of labour, her cord remaining attached to the placenta until after I had birthed the placenta and all of her blood was back in her little body. All of this powerful bonding information I learned during the Hypnobirthing course. Once it was time, I was honoured to have Katie lovingly cut Sofia’s cord.

All this time the room stayed in a calm state, with dimmed lights, soft angelic music playing in the background and flickering candles. I was all smiles and in awe, bonding with my baby, feeling at peace, everything being looked after by Katie.

Thankyou for co- creating such an ideal experience for Sofia and I, I will be eternally grateful and thankful to have met you and will definitely be using Hypnobirthing again for my next little one.



Katie and Baby Sofia













The Hypnobirth of Ayla Jean

“Dearest Katie,

We would like to thank you for your amazing knowledge, help, love and support. If it weren’t for you and Hypnobirthing my birthing experience would have been much, much different. My whole attitude changed as soon as I met you and started the classes. I was scared and had an outlook that birth was pretty much an episode from One Born Every Minute. How very different my birthing experience was from that… Thank God!
I went into spontaneous labour at 9pm a day before my impending induction. With the tools and knowledge of hypno i was able to be calm, relaxed and focused. Clint was an amazing partner and he helped me with my breathing techniques and affirmations. We worked together timing my surges, i took a shower, rested, walked around and listened to my hypno soundtracks. By 3am i thought it was time to go to the hospital. When we arrived, Clint made the room peaceful and serene.
When the midwife checked to see how far along i was I was shocked to hear I was 7cm. I continued with the breathing techniques and relaxed in the bath. Before I knew it, it was time to bear down, as my little angel was ready to meet the world. I couldn’t believe it, I was 100% in the hypno zone!
She arrived at 6:36am. I am proud to say that with the tools gained from hypno I was able to give birth calmly and focused and totally drug free! Our beautiful little girl is one month old and I believe her calm, happy nature started when we met you and practiced Hypnobirthing.
THANK YOU Katie you are amazing and we are so lucky to have met you!!! ”
Much love Amy, Clint & Ayla xxx


The Hypnobirth of Miyah Ocean

“Hypnobirthing taught me the knowledge and power of my own inner wisdom and mindfulness. Using the calm peaceful breathing and positive affirmations with my partner helped me to release endorphins and created a relaxed and very doable process. Hypnobirthing really helped us as a couple the most, especially with the power and knowledge of trusting my body and baby and also knowing the other side of the system.

My birth was amazing, intense but beautiful. I had a very deepening mind journey through the 14-hour labour process. It put me in a very meditative state of being that gave me beautiful visualizations especially when it became more intense.
We had everything we wanted and were fully prepared for whatever turn it would take. Water birth and low light with music with no intervention from doctor’s or midwives. We had a Hypnobirthing trained midwife in my last hours, it was so awesome Katie, thankyou !!”
Hayley and Rich, Pearl Beach, NSW

“Katie! At 4:26pm yesterday afternoon our little man came into our world…He is so perfect…and It was the most amazing and calm experience. The midwives couldn’t understand how I stayed so calm…they didn’t realize how advanced I was in labour…I can’t thankyou enough for your wisdom and support that resulted in such a beautiful, calm birth for us all…Love Michelle”
Michelle, Avalon, NSW.

“Hi Katie, I had a little boy at 9am Monday Morning. I ended up going into labour naturally hours before being induced ! It was an amazing birth, exactly as I wanted , less than 3 hours, no pushing ! …I felt in control and was surprised by how much I could read my body this birth. Thankyou for your amazing Hypnobirthing course and additional support!!”
Tracy and Brendan, Freshwater, NSW.

“I am so grateful to you for teaching my sister Hypnobirthing, she was amazing , the baby was born in its water membranes, incredible to see !!!…she had the birth she wanted which is what matters…not induced, spontaneous labour. The midwives and doctors were great, very supportive and impressed with how she birthed…the baby is beautiful, alert and happy!!!”
Birthing Companion, Manly, NSW.

“I wanted to share the good news about the birth with you, it went amazingly well! All natural, no drugs or interventions, natural third stage and the cord wasn’t clamped for well over an hour !!! The midwife was awesome, we struck lucky as she had a hypnobirth too! A beautiful birth and very positive experience- exactly what I had prepared for and visualised. Thankyou for introducing me to hypnobirthing and for all of your support and advice. It really helped me to get in the positive  mindset and feel in control in the lead up to and during the birth. The simple breathing techniques worked wonders and the tracks and preparation of the environment was so relaxing. It all worked an absolute treat and I feel so proud of myself and empowered ! Thank you Katie !

Ali, Manly, NSW

“We wanted to send lots of love and gratitude to you for our wonderful birth experience. Although the 11 hr (3.5 hrs active ) labour was a little longer than the 4 hrs I was manifesting, it was pretty much how we were hoping, calm and natural. Very loving and just amazing, I recovered really well, without all of your love and support it wouldn’t have happened as it did, so truly thank you for being you and sharing what you do!’

Kate and Russ, Dee Why, NSW.

“Hello beauitiful Katie, not a day goes by where I don’t think of you and the amazing guidance you gave us with your Hypnobirthing classes which lead us to having an amazing birth experience. I often gaze up to the affirmations that are still on my wall and feel blessed to have met you, we learnt so much from you and I love sharing the knowledge you gave me with my pregnant friends. Our little boy is as cheeky as ever with such a calm soul, thank you again ! ”

Zoe and Marty, Newport, NSW