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This month I have been asked to write an article for the Holistic Living Magazine on the topic of manifestation and it has come at the perfect timing for me after returning recently from an Advanced Retreat with none other than Dr Joe Dispenza. After spending 7 days with him, I honour him as a walking master and certainly a gentleman at the top of the manifestation game as a world teacher.

After sitting in meditation most days at the retreat for at least 6 hours and receiving many downloads and clarifications from the quantum field, I am pleased to share in this article what I have come to know about the art of manifestation and how it can be applied to the field of positive childbirth.

Dr Joe is not the first teacher to purport that all potentials exist in the quantum field, it is well accepted that if we can think it, we can create it. Dr Joe’s work in the field of manifestation goes a little further though, asking you to find the sweet spot of the generous present moment and then to raise your energy to a whole new level. It is then from this space, you broadcast your clear intention into the field, this thought or intention essentially carries an electrical charge into the field.

In order for this intention to make its way or manifest from the field into matter, it must be broadcast simultaneously with an elevated emotion such as joy, appreciation, or excitement. It is this elevated emotion that is carrying a higher level of energy and also the magnetic charge into the field that will help attract this experience into your being and experience.

The key to this process is that you have to tap into the feeling you anticipate you will have when you manifest your intent, and then you must connect with and feel the emotion ahead of the event. A vital element in this advanced manifestation process is also that you must authentically release your intention to a greater mind and trust that the universe will respond to you as you have created it, then surrendered it from the space of your pure heart.

So how can any of this information apply to childbirth you may be thinking?

Well there is never a more important time in a woman’s life to place their attention, energy and awareness than in the preparation for birthing a child into the world. The creation and birth of a child is THE ultimate manifestation of divine union and of life force energy into physical form.

What if more mothers to be were educated to create their ideal birth experience from the level of the quantum? What would this even look like?

It is sometimes a controversial topic in the birth world whether a mother should fully prepare herself for her birth at all, owing to what is commonly perceived as the unpredictable nature of birth. Some mothers are even scoffed at when they undertake independent childbirth education programs and formulate their specific preferences for their births with the prevalent attitude being that “you just can’t plan for birth. “

As a doula and Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator, I am definitely not of this mindset, when a mother and her birth partner can approach their birth with good tools, support and preparation I believe that they absolutely can direct the course of their birth in a positive manner. I have such a strong belief in the power of quantum manifestation techniques for pregnant mothers and I educate mothers to put a lot of effort into planning, visualizing and dreaming in their positive birth experience.

As part of the manifestation process for a positive birth I am also very mindful to teach the importance of surrendering their birth vision to what Dr Joe refers to as the greater mind or infinite field. A mother must therefore intend the birth experience she wants, feel the emotions of this experience, but then be able to let this intention go without any attachment to the outcome. As I mentioned earlier the surrender of the intention is an integral step in the quantum manifestation process and is acutely important when using quantum manifestation techniques to prepare for birth.

Surrender is synchronistically also the most important state of being a mother must embrace as she physically brings her baby into the world. As she surrenders to the sensations of her labour her body and her baby are able to optimise the flow of beneficial birthing hormones such as beta-endorphins, oxytocin and melatonin then mother and baby harmonise and together they can time and enjoy an empowering birth.

So here exactly is what quantum planning and preparation for manifesting your ideal birth should look like.

Commitment to a spiritual or meditation practice whereby you intentionally connect with the unified field, raise your energy, connect with your baby and your partner daily. Consistent relaxation or meditation practice in pregnancy has been shown to reduce anxiety and promote confidence, wellbeing and coherence. You are most ideally placed to create and manifest when you are operating from a sustained state of coherence.

Listening to birth specific hypnotherapy conditioning tracks, a major component of the Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM program, these tracks can help you to release unhelpful fears and patterns and are valuable tools that can reprogram the subconscious with positive affirmations and suggestions about your innate ability to give birth without fear or stress and manifest a calm and positive experience.

Creation of a unique vision board for your birth, on this board you should include affirmations that fill you with confidence, trust, excitement and elation about your upcoming birth. “ My birth will be so easy because I am so relaxed.” If your goal is to have a water birth, you can include a picture of a mother birthing calmly in the water. It is important to fill the board with empowering messages and images of birth and any other images that connect you with a feeling of calm and confidence.

Finally, consistent mental rehearsal and visualisation of your ideal birth experience in the quantum field. You must first centre your energy and awareness into the timelessness of infinite space. You then find that present moment awareness and then broadcast your clear intention for the birth experience you want, what specifically does your baby’s birth look like and feel like?

Are you in labour during the day or the evening? How long will you and your baby be in labour for? Who is it that is there at your birth? How are you moving through your labour? Are your surges powerful and rhythmic, are you breathing easily through them?Are you feeling connected to your baby? How is your partner supporting you? How are your caregivers treating you?

You must FEEL all of the emotions of your birthing day and them elevate them to the highest level. Imagine how you will look and feel as you move through your labour feeling supported, anchored, calm and powerful? How does it feel to have your partner hold you massage you, encourage you? What positions are you in as you move through your labour? As you actually give birth to your baby? Are you in the water birthing your baby? How will you feel when you see and touch your baby for the first time?

In order to manifest your ideal birth from the quantum space, you must regularly play over in your mind the birth experience you are wanting and you must elevate the emotions you will feel on the day. Using the elevated emotions of love, grace, peace, calm, joy, pleasure and power are especially helpful for a birthing mother.

As you use the quantum field to raise your energy with these elevated emotions, you will literally tune into the energy of your future birth and when you can do this, you can actually change your biology and release the electromagnetic signature of the calm and positive birth you are planning. This signature is then felt and endorsed by the unified field and will return to you in the realisation and manifestation of your beautiful, calm and positive birth!

And so it is and so it will be.

Katie X

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