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Issy and Baby Tasi's Beautiful Hypnobirth

Issy and Baby Tasi’s Beautiful Hypnobirthing Story

I had Tasi at 38 weeks on Sunday the 15th April 2018 at 6:09pm. During my pregnancy I was very committed to my Hypnobirthing Australia practice and towards the end of my pregnancy I really listened to the tracks as much as I could. Even if I couldn't listen to them lying down I would have them on in the background while I was cooking, sorting baby's things or around the house. I took every opportunity thinking positive thoughts and imagining my birth. My midwife was amazing and understanding my wishes of a hypnobirth, it helped being a part of the Midwifery Group Practice as I had one midwife with me on call throughout my pregnancy and birth.

Typical however Tasi decided to make her arrival the day my midwife was flying back from the netball finals in Queensland so she had to come straight from the airport to the hospital. My labour started around 12 am, my sister had a party at the house and we were all up the day before setting up and cooking and dancing through the night. At midnight I felt these cramping feelings in my legs and a real pushing in my pelvis so I went to bed to try sleep it off. I woke up at 1am and went to the toilet and realised my mucous plug was coming out, I thought this maybe setting me up for labour in the next few days- I told my mum then went back to bed. At 3am I started feeling these minor period-like pains but I was still able to drift in and out of sleep and remain lying down.

AT 5am the tightening was getting stronger and I could no longer lie down through them. I had to be on all fours when I was experiencing them. They were still okay though, I did start timing them however just out of curiosity. (I had many false alarms leading up to this moment so I didn't think I was in labour) I didn't wake my partner either.

I couldn't go back to sleep, at 7am I ended up getting out of bed as I no longer could relax after the tightenings in bed. We called the midwife just to let her know I maybe in labour (she was still coming back from QLD). I tried having some porridge and every time a surge came (I thought I was in labour now) I squatted through them and it was very comfortable. I breathed through the surges but they were still manageable and I was able to talk through them.

I started vomiting through my surges which was quite uncomfortable however it was no surprise as I was very sick throughout my pregnancy. I ended up moving into the living room and put yoga mats on the floor and my birth ball. I would rest on my birth ball a lot and breathe through the surges or rest on my birth partners. (I had a lot of birth partners, my boyfriend- Malama, my mum, sister, aunty and 2x cousins) everyone took turns fanning me, massing my back, getting me water (cup and a straw- best thing ever! they didn't ask if I wanted water just gave it to me).

Malama continued to whisper "every surge brings our baby closer". At this stage I still felt really calm, I would smile in between surges and talk quietly. I didn't feel the need to get into my deep hypno stage yet. It wasn't until about 12pm that someone suggested we moved into a dark room which was amazing.

This is where I went full HYPNO! I was in the ensuite with the yoga mats on the floor and leaning on the birth ball. Only 2 people were in the room at a time. We had the tracks playing and they continued to give me sips of water and massaging my back. I was soo hot so they kept fanning me too. Everyone said I was so out of it and unresponsive at times, I could still hear everything that was going on but I felt so relaxed. Maybe at one stage I did actually fall asleep- this is where I definitely felt the most relaxed and comfortable. So I can be very positive that the hypnobirthing atmosphere, tracks and phrases helped achieve that.

Everyone continued to ask if I wanted to go to the hospital but at that stage I wasn't ready- I really wanted to put off the hospital till the last minute. All of a sudden my surges changed and it felt as though there was more pressure lower down in my pelvis so I said maybe its time to go to the hospital. Luckily my midwife had just gotten off the plane so we would meet her there. When we got to hospital it was around 3pm. Another midwife checked me and I was 4cm dilated. I was so disheartened hearing that and I made sure only mum and Malama was in the room. I knew I would have to work really hard to get back into the zone because I was so disappointed. I was sure I was further along. The midwife also tried putting a cannula in me as I was dehydrated from the vomiting. They tried a few times and it didn't go in so we ended up giving up on it and I drank lots of apple juice instead. I continued on the ground with the yoga mats and birth ball and really got back into the zone. My midwife broke my waters at around 4pm and thats when my surges really ramped up. I remember thinking - "okay I don't really like this anymore, maybe I should use some rescue remedy" but I couldn't vocalise it because I was still so deep in my zone- I couldn't actually bring the effort to my lips to speak. In hindsight I now think I was actually transitioning.

My midwife got the bath ready and I hopped into the bath and immediately I felt sooo relaxed, the relief was incredible. My surges changed to this uncontrollable sensation that took over my whole body (didn't realise yet but I was ready to push) I got in the bath around 5pm. This was an incredible feeling- I had everyone in the room at this point 9 people + the midwife(then my brother arrived when the placenta came out). They were all around the bath with different jobs to do- holding me, fanning, filming and also my cousin was heating up all the baby blankets for when the baby arrived. The hypno tracks were still playing in the background. The energy in the room was so positive and loving.

When Tasi was crowning everyone got so excited but I couldn't see what was going on. So my sister took a photo and showed me which was such a great motivator. My midwife helped me with different techniques to effectively push - chin to chest she said and push through your body. it helped so much. All of a sudden before I knew it my baby was in my arms at 6:09pm. I waited for the cord to be clamped and my midwife kept asking me when. The cord was cut at 6:15pm and my placenta came out naturally at 6:22pm. the whole process happened so quickly. We kept the placenta to plant a tree for our baby.

Pushing my baby out was such a surreal experience- it is indescribable. I can honestly say it did not hurt and even at one stage someone told me to push where I can feel the burn/ring of fire and I honestly could not feel that. I also did not take any pain relief throughout my whole labour and birth so I can honestly say it was the atmosphere and hypnobirthing techniques that really made my birth so positive and pleasant. My birth was so empowering and I am so proud of the woman body and what it can achieve.

Thank you so much Katie for guiding me to the necessary tools and thinking needed to achieve the birth I always wanted. I really hope one day all women can experience such a positive birth !!! X

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