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Harmonic Birth Doula Support Package

The word doula means “Mothering the Mother”; an ancient Greek tradition where women took care of each other whilst pregnant and birthing their babies.


Doulas are full of love and birthing wisdom, impassioned to serve those they have the honour of working with as specialised members of their birth tribe.


Pregnancy and childbirth mark a significant life transition for a woman and her family. There is so much unchartered territory to navigate and employing a doula to have by your side ensures that you will have the most evidence based information, nurturance and support you need to feel assured and confident to make empowered decisions for you and your baby.


A doula also means that your birth partner will be well supported and able to support you unconditionally during your birth.

I embarked on my doula journey so I could be a light and advocate in the birth room, a source of quality and evidence based information and a trusted person who makes you feel unconditionally loved and inspired to create the birth experience that you desire and deserve!  

It would be so honoured to walk beside you as you embody this sacred journey through pregnancy and birth.

Harmonic Birth Doula Support Package Includes:

  • 2 Antenatal Meetings

  • Labour & Birth Support

  • 1 Post-Natal Birth Debrief

  • 1 Energetic Healing for Birth

  • Harmonic Birth Support Kit

  • Aromatherapy Blend for Birth

Total Cost = $1,444


  • All pre-natal and post-natal meetings are in the comfort of your own home and are approx. 2 hours each.


  • I am on call for your birth 24/7 from 38 weeks until you have your baby and am available during your pregnancy and labour by email, phone or Facebook.


  • I will assist you to create your unique preferences for birth.


  • I will be with you from the time you need me in labour until you are ready to bond as a family and feeding has been established.


  • I have a range of books on pregnancy, labour and postpartum in my library which clients can borrow during the course of our time together.


  • I also provide an obligation-free meeting opportunity so that we can get to know each, discuss your goals for birth and how I can support you to achieve them.

Optional add-on:


Registration to a Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM Group Course = $444

Harmonic Birth Preparation - 2.5hr Session

Gain the tools and mindset for a positive and empowered birth experience.


This unique and individualised Harmonic Birth Power Session is designed for you to learn the essentials of how to prepare positively for birth, without needing to attend the full twelve hour program.


Combining my expertise in hypnotherapy, holistic therapies, birth support and childbirth education, this positive birth preparation session will be provided specifically to you and your birthing partner’s needs and desires.


We will address past birth experiences (if you have them) and work together so you will both feel ultimately prepared at the time of your baby’s birth.


This power session includes a hypnotherapy fear release, assistance creating your birthing preferences plus support and contact up until and at the time of your baby’s birth!

Investment: $299

Energetic Healing & Hypnosis

This session will help pregnant mothers to clear remaining fears surrounding birth, deepen connection to the baby and help boost birth intuition, increasing her confidence in the body’s ability to birth naturally.


I call upon the angels in all of my teaching and healing work, and using Angelic Reiki in this session for pregnancy, facilitate specific angelic connections and healing energies for birthing mothers and their babies.


The Australian Bushflower Essences and Essences of Angels are a profound addition to my work, I witness consistently how effective they can be in facilitating positive change and aligning mothers to spiritual physical and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy!


These sessions are safe and natural, tapping into a high vibrational and multidimensional system of healing and consciousness expansion that facilitates a connection through the Angelic Kingdom to your own soul’s energy, bringing about a powerful yet gentle healing.

I will generally visit you privately for these sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Investment: $111 per session and includes an Australian Bushflower Essence or Angelic Blend to affirm and integrate your healing experience.

Conscious Conception & Birthing Support

Before a couple consciously conceives their baby, it is vital that they take a concerted examination of their lifestyle, habits, emotions and their beliefs…


Conscious conception starts with the intention to create a space of love and invite a special soul to come forward from spirit and become part of your family.


This program allows you to honestly look at your “stuff”, coupled with enhancing your physical health and vitality and setting a clear intention to work through old emotional wounds and unhealthy trans-generational patterns. These are the keys to preparing consciously for pregnancy, birth and parenthood.


My work in pregnancy and childbirth has evolved to include a greater awareness on the magic and potential of the time leading to conception.


My conscious conception program for parents incorporates the following healing tools and techniques:


  • Healing rites for transcending past traumas. 

  • Powerful ritual and invocation practice for clearing unhelpful trans-generational patterns and belief systems.

  • Meditate and communication with your baby in spirit (even before you conceive).

  • Suggestions to prepare your body and mind holistically and naturopathically for conception and birthing.

  • The power of discernment to ensure you are properly informed along your parenting path.


The conscious conception program includes a one hour Skype or face to face session (if you reside on the Central Coast, NSW), as well as a comprehensive PDF download for you to work through with your partner.

Investment: $222 per couple.


Flower Essence Medicine

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are a gentle, yet extremely powerful system of healing that can help align you to emotional, physical and spiritual harmony.

The essences are completely safe, self-adjusting and facilitate positive energetic shifts to your wellbeing, making them the perfect remedy for pregnant and labouring women.

After working intimately with the essences for close to twenty years, I have formulated a very specific set of essence blends using the Australian Bush Flower Essences, that address and support the needs of mothers in the various stages of labour and in the post-partum period.

The essence blends are available separately or as an Essence birthing kit.


Harmonic Aromatherapy

The use of aromatherapy combinations to support the labouring mother is well documented and can be a very effective complementary therapy for assisting in the birth process.


Harmonic Hypnobirthing’s unique blend of labour supportive 100% pure essential oils include Jasmine, Clarysage, Lavender and Neroli. These oils are carefully blended in a base of Sweet Almond oil and are specifically used to support the activity of the uterine muscles in labour.


The use of therapeutic grade essential oil preparations to target your limbic centre can be a powerful tool to assist the mother to remain supported within her “birthing brain”.


At various stages during birth different oils may be effective for their calming/meditative/energising properties.

Uses for labour include the following:

  • Topically on the lower back as a compress or straight onto the skin

  • Applied liberally into the bath water

  • To be dropped onto a tissue or handkerchief and inhaled frequently

  • To be diffused in the birth environment



$24.95 for a 100ml bottle

$39.95 for a 200ml bottle

$9.95 postage Australia wide.