Moving from fear to powerful love in the history of childbirth has shrouded life&#3

There is no greater experience of the human condition where the topic of fear and anxiety generates as much illumination and consideration. Childbirth is invariably synonymous with fear and anxiety, whether it is in identifying fears, eliminating fears, or in the embrace and integration of fears. Understanding that the powerful portal of childbirth can generate a diverse range and level of fears and anxieties for women as they approach childbirth is vital to knowing how we as a society can support women to have a more confident and positive experience of birth. There is a reason childbirth has otherwise become known as “labour’ it is the most profound and enormous physical, emotional and spi

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I wish to humbly acknowledge the Darkinjung, the traditional custodians of the land on which I teach.I honour the elders, knowledge holders and wisdom keepers past, present and future and recognise the eternal role they play in supporting the land and its people.

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