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The empowering VBAC birth story of gorgeous Goldie!

Successful drug free natural VBAC delivery of;

Goldie Florence de Villiers Winter Solstice baby - 21/06/18

Background: 1st baby - October 2015 -Stuck my head in the sand, went with a private OB at a private hospital thinking I was doing the right thing. Got told he was a big baby with a large head and I would “probably end up in emergency anyway” so I should book in for an elective. Honestly I was so terrified of birth and labour that he was probably right, so my son was born at 38+3 required resuss for 3 minutes, he was not at all ready to come out and I felt terrible and traumatised by the whole experience.

2nd pregnancy - was determined for a better birth experience and one that was right for me and baby. I contacted Katie Kempster from Harmonic Hypnobirthing who teaches the Hypnobirthing Australia program around 12 weeks and booked in for private classes at home. I had an ideal pregnancy, no sickness, not a lot of weight gain, no swelling, I felt great. I made it such a positive experience, I just knew it was all going to be perfect! 40 weeks came and went, but my mindset was pretty good. I had been having early labour symptoms for a few weeks now so I knew things were getting close. I did it all. Massive walk with stairs, massage, accupuncture (recommend), chiropractor, fit ball, nipple stim, baths with clary sage, spicy food when I started getting desperate 🙃. I had a VE on guess date to book in and discuss induction. 2cm dilated and soft - went for accupuncture.

Thursday 21/06 - 40+3 - lay down with my Son and Husband in the morning and we shared the most beautiful moment, they both stroked me and told me how beautiful I was (I was a bit tired with a cold and feeling a bit low) - my oxytocin must have gone through the roof. They went off to kindy and work around 10 and I was finally alone - put on my birth affirmations and sat on my fit ball as I had started to feel some twinges.

Cleaners came around 12, and Mum took me out for lunch - had regular surges 6 minutes apart lasting around 40 seconds but totally manageable- just enjoyed my lunch. Got home around 3 to a spotless house, got my son from kindy with Mum, we told him what was happening. I jumped in the shower and immediately surges got to 4 minutes, then 3 minutes apart, my Husband was running all over the place packing the car.

One surge brought me to my knees and made me cry, it was now 4pm. Peak hour traffic in active labour saw us take an hour to get to hospital!!! we arrived around 5pm, 5cm and very soft and stretchy. Everything progressed perfectly. Midwife said she would check me again in 4 hours (lol) asked for another one at around 7pm, was 8cm, feeling sick and trying my best to demand an epidural (haha) everyone ignored me. We were in the room, not the birth suite and it was very cramped and I wasn’t coping that well.

Finally we moved and instantly I was able to relax and breathed calmly through each surge. My husband held my back through it all and offered me water. I was bleeding during surges, so the midwife asked me if I would feel comfortable changing positions out of the water. I got out, asked for the canula (as I was bleeding) and got a full blown pushing urge. She wanted to check me to make sure I was ready, then was like “yup 10cm carry on” at 9:48pm my daughter was lifted onto my chest with a big beautiful cry. I went full primal through pushing stage and got really loud. She was and is so perfect!!

Sadly that last push of her body saw my whole body completely torn to shreds too. We had delayed cord clamping, physiological 3rd stage and about an hour of skin to skin with a first feed, but then I had to be wheeled off for surgery around midnight to repair the damage. Would prefer for it all to be done properly though to ensure a good recovery - so I kept calm about it. Got back to room around 2am, fed and we both fell sound asleep till 6am. Recovery will be a work in progress, I’m mildly disappointed that I tore so badly, but so proud of myself for achieving exactly the birth that I wanted. I have a perfect healthy daughter in my arms and an amazing Son and Husband at home, feeling so blessed!!

We absolutely loved the Hypnobirthing Australia course , Hypnobirthing was instrumental - I coped so well with the surges (except during transition! ) and I got so primal during pushing, I could have not have achieved what I did without it - thank you so much Katie for all your support and wise teachings!

Scarlett you worked endlessly to prepare and inform yourself for this birth on all levels, I am so glad the Hypnobirthing Australia program was instrumental to your empowering VBAC journey, congratulations on beautiful Goldie XXX

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