Rebecca's Powerful Twin Hypnobirth !!

I was lucky enough to have a relatively ‘text book’ twin pregnancy with three extremes of trimesters. My first being full of excitement, fear, anxiety, disbelief and last but not least (as is common with multiple pregnancies)- the dreaded nausea. Whilst a sign of a healthy pregnancy (some might say), it left me sofa-bound and feeling very sorry for myself, indeed. For an active and busy person running a home and a business...Work? Are you kidding, eating? Er.. No thanks, even bread made me want to vomit. What was I actually thinking getting into this? My second trimester was nothing but a dream, the ‘honeymoon period’ some might describe, including a long flight to Singapore then Europe, reg

Issy and Baby Tasi's Beautiful Hypnobirth

Issy and Baby Tasi’s Beautiful Hypnobirthing Story I had Tasi at 38 weeks on Sunday the 15th April 2018 at 6:09pm. During my pregnancy I was very committed to my Hypnobirthing Australia practice and towards the end of my pregnancy I really listened to the tracks as much as I could. Even if I couldn't listen to them lying down I would have them on in the background while I was cooking, sorting baby's things or around the house. I took every opportunity thinking positive thoughts and imagining my birth. My midwife was amazing and understanding my wishes of a hypnobirth, it helped being a part of the Midwifery Group Practice as I had one midwife with me on call throughout my pregnancy and birth

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