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Conceiving Our New Humanity.

As the evolution towards greater personal health responsibility and sovereignty steadily gains momentum, the idea of consciously preparing for conception and pregnancy is becoming an important consideration for new parents of our times.

Increasing numbers of couples today are actively seeking the support, guidance, and information to assist them to consciously prepare for conceiving a new baby.

More and more research and exploration into the field of epigenetics indicates that the way we care for and relate to ourselves physically, emotionally mentally, and spiritually throughout pre-conception, in pregnancy and in birth will have significant and lasting impressions on the limbic imprint and long term health and psychology of the baby.

Conscious conception starts with the intention to create a space of love and invite a special soul to come forward from spirit and become part of your family. Before a couple consciously conceives their baby, it is vital that they take a concerted examination of their lifestyle, habits, emotions and their beliefs. This honest look at their “stuff” coupled with dedication to enhancing their physical health and vitality and a clear intention to work through old emotional wounds and unhealthy transgenerational patterns are the keys to preparing consciously for parenthood.

My work in pregnancy and childbirth has evolved to include a greater awareness on the magic and potential of the time leading to conception. I see the keys to conscious conception as being both energetic and physical in nature. My intention in this article is to delve deeper into these keys and also to share in some special tools that were a part of my own journey in consciously conceiving my children.

Energetic Keys: Clearing Transgenerational Wounds and Patterns.

For mothers, consciously being prepared and supported to heal from any past traumas connected to the womb such as miscarriage, losing a baby and especially sexual abuse is paramount when preparing for a new baby, this may involve not only healing their own wounds but often the wounds of their foremothers and ancestors and for others still, at an even more profound level, a willingness to support healing for the womb space of Gaia.

I recommend receiving the healing rite “The Rite of the Womb” This energetic transmission from the Munay-ki states that “ The womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the womb is to create and give birth to life.” I am honoured to be a Sacred Wombkeeper and now share this rite with women of all ages, the feminine healing is profound and best shared with other women in shamanic ceremony. Shamanic journeying to your inner womb goddess is also a powerful practice and I recommend the work of Jane Hardwicke Collings’ School of Shamanic Midwifery to assist you to connect with your womb in this way.

At the time my partner and I were consciously preparing for the conception and birth of our first child, we were earnestly preparing our bodies physically and yet there was a deeper yearning to clear and detoxify from limiting beliefs and generational patterns at the cellular level of our being.

I was fortunate to meet an amazing woman who taught and ascribed to the Rayid system of healing, this system contains fascinating and compelling insights into transgenerational patterns, family dynamics and the nature of birth order. I sought her opinion on what she considered would be the most important way for parents to energetically prepare for an incoming soul. She gifted me some powerful family clearing rituals that involve identifying undesirable or negative transgenerational patterns that are present in both your maternal and paternal lineages as well as a ritual designed to support your own sacred union as a couple, that involves clearing your physical and etheric body of the imprints of past sexual experiences and energies.

The rituals work basically by use of decree, in the case of the family clearing ones you are guided to break the agreement or release the cellular connection to these negative family traits and patterns, the decree identifies and clears these patterns going back seven generations for each line. The divine union clearing also uses a decree to clear the cords and imprints of past partners and affirms the sacredness of your own union together.

It was intentional and transformative practice to work with these clearing rituals, my partner and I both released and shifted a significant amount of energetic debris and were able to process these clearings gently in lucid dream states. I now highly recommend these clearing rituals to all parents as part of their conscious conception practice.

“The process of coming into the density of Earth is wonderfully enhanced when parents, relatives, birth attendants and caregivers consciously choose to lift their vibration into greater light. When there is coherent love present, it is possible to resonate harmoniously with these very sensitive children. With this support, these wondrous souls, who come with the ability to express great love, can accomplish the transformational work of replacing society’s dysfunctional structures with those that are more conscious and humane.” – Claire Heartsong

This channeled quote from author Claire Heartsong speaks to my soul, parents interested in conscious conception should be open to the knowing that new frequency children or “ crystalline /diamond light children “ can connect to their parents energetically even before they become joined in creation. Nurturing your relationship by doing loving things for each other and building your energy to the highest vibration of unconditional love will build a strong resonance field for your incoming baby to connect with.

It is not unusual when you are consciously creating that space of love for a baby that they will come into your consciousness in dreams and in meditation. Many incoming children will also name themselves prior to or just after conception, for this reason engaging and welcoming your unborn child via prayer, meditation, journal work, song and expressive movement are important and joyful practices.

Before conceiving my second child, I adapted a special Huna prayer whereby I described to him why I wanted him in our family and what qualities I would love him to have and what a wonderful life we would have. I repeated this prayer daily, calling in the unique soul that we would be guardians for meant that when he arrived in my womb, we were already acquainted and enmeshed in spirit, he confirmed his conception with me that evening in a dream state which was very special and a tribute to the unconscious communication we had enjoyed through participating in prayer and ritual.

Engaging in the spiritual and energetic practices for conscious conception such as the ones I have mentioned here are ideally supported and perfectly aligned through equal engagement in practices that increase the health and vitality in your physical body, your high vibrational soul is going to need a high vibrational body to develop and grow to his or her maximum potential!

Physical Keys to Conscious Conception

The formation of sperm (spermatogenesis) may take up to 120 days and the maturation of ova is subject to damage during their period of maturation, which is approximately 100 days before ovulation. What this means is that an ideal lead in time to preparing the physical body optimally for conception should be a minimum of 3-4 months and ideally at least 6 months.

At least six months before trying to conceive, both parents will benefit from undertaking a period of detoxification, engaging a largely vegan diet with emphasis on plenty of organic fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking pure structured water is optimal. It is the time to cut out any bad habits, junk foods, or processed foods and start developing good eating habits.

The use of liver herbs and supplemements to assist heavy metal detoxification may be indicated as well, basically speaking, nutritional preconception care involves ensuring an optimal supply of all factors that are essential to the health of your sperm and ova and to the developing baby and the clearance of toxins and heavy metals that have been shown to be harmful. 3-4 months before trying to conceive, the focus should be less on detoxification and more on nourishing the body with nutrient dense foods, essential fats and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Seeing a naturopath who specializes in fertility will support you to make great pre-conception nutritional choices.

Other natural therapies and physical practices supportive to conscious conception include, homeopathy,flower essences,regular exercise and yoga practice, acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy,kinesiology, somatic bodywork, yoni steaming, dance and meditation to name just a few.

There are thankfully many wonderful modalities that can assist us to “recode” our limbic imprints, and re-imprint and transform from unhealthy patterning.

With all of this new information and a myriad of passionate and diverse holistic practitioners available to conscious couples, I believe it is simply far more integral that as new humans wanting to bring about positive change on the planet that we set the conscious intention to create a joyful, healthy and loving space for new babies to be received from the outset. It is these babies that will be inheriting our earth and I see conscious conception, birth and parenting practices at the heart centre of assisting our new humanity in co-creating a much needed more abundant, equitable, loving and harmonious world.

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