The empowering VBAC birth story of gorgeous Goldie!

Successful drug free natural VBAC delivery of; Goldie Florence de Villiers Winter Solstice baby - 21/06/18 Background: 1st baby - October 2015 -Stuck my head in the sand, went with a private OB at a private hospital thinking I was doing the right thing. Got told he was a big baby with a large head and I would “probably end up in emergency anyway” so I should book in for an elective. Honestly I was so terrified of birth and labour that he was probably right, so my son was born at 38+3 required resuss for 3 minutes, he was not at all ready to come out and I felt terrible and traumatised by the whole experience. 2nd pregnancy - was determined for a better birth experience and one that was rig

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I wish to humbly acknowledge the Darkinjung, the traditional custodians of the land on which I teach.I honour the elders, knowledge holders and wisdom keepers past, present and future and recognise the eternal role they play in supporting the land and its people.

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