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BORN GENTLY INTO DADDY'S ARMS The Amazing Hypnobirthing Story of Baby Leonardo!

At 7:45 pm in the evening, my waters broke whilst I was on the lounge not sure if I had actually just wet myself or if this was the real deal. My husband Jeremy got some towels and helped me. It felt like a constant slow running tap.

As I made my way to the bathroom just sitting there in shock wondering is this the moment I have been waiting for? Jeremy got emotional and we called all the appropriate people on our list. My contractions started roughly 30 minutes later we put on a good comedy movie (chick flick of course) and as I straddled a dining room chair my husband did some light touch massage on my back.

After about 30minutes I found myself not able to fully concentrate on this movie anymore as my contractions were becoming very close and regular really quickly. So I made my way into the shower , after a few rounds of the shower I put on a Hypnobirthing Australia meditation, once listening to this I made my way back in the shower as most of my labour was through my lower back.

We soon made our way to the hospital and I continued to listen to the Hypnobirthing affirmations, Surge of the Sea meditation and our own recorded meditation. Arriving at the birthing suite at 12:30am I had my head phones in and was in a very relaxed state, also in this process using the balloon visualisation and I had already popped so many balloons, it was great.

In the delivery room I needed antibiotics as I had tested positive to strep B, then I commenced into the shower whilst my husband filled up the bath. I made my way into the bath which felt amazing and Jeremy was rubbing my back, this lasted for about 1 hour and I needed him to constantly rub but with a lot of pressure. I knew he was fizzling quiet fast and I also knew how much I needed him to stay strong, so I got out of the bath and back into the shower.

I had two shower heads running one on my stomach and the other on my lower back. After about another hour our doula arrived Erika, I didn't even realize she had got there, in this whole process we had lights dimmed affirmations playing on repeat and I am popping so many balloons it's almost like a big party going on!

Then I got the urge to push and after sometime I entered the transitional stage of labour where I felt I was so exhausted and I couldn't do it anymore. My lower back pain was just so intense but Jeremy and Erika reassured me I was very close as they could see. I was alternating between being on my knees holding onto the chair then standing in between and then Erika suggested I get into a squat position so I did a few rounds of alternating these positions.

Then I felt the top of my baby boys head, I then knew he was extremely close so I got back into a squat position leaning on Erika behind me and next minute his head came out. The midwife Kareena moved the chair and she said to Jeremy your going to get ready to catch him on the next lot of surges. As they approached me, yes he arrived and Jeremy caught him! the pure joy I felt was so surreal and the best feeling I could have ever imagined!

Our baby boy Leonardo Ernesto Vega entered the world at 4:48am in the morning of the 3/4/19 weighing 3060g length 49cm head circumference 33cm and he is just perfect in every way possible!

I could not believe that I had achieved a natural birth with no drugs or interventions and would do it all over again! This was such a great experience and Jeremy was the best support I could have asked for and having a doula made this even better in so many ways. Erika exceeded our expectations and was incredible I would highly recommend her.

Knowing that we had prepared ourselves so well by taking a private Hypnobirthing Australia course for this to be the best birth possible made it all worth every bit of pain for such a positive experience.

The after birth we waited for over an hour for this to be delivered naturally, it was kind of happening but not really so we ended up inducing the placenta and our midwife Kareena was incredible with this.

I would like to thank all the beautiful people that made this possible especially our Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner Katie Kempster from Harmonic Hypnobirthing. Katie, it would not have been possible without your guidance and amazing skills to get us to where we wanted to be. To be able to give Jeremy and I the tools and support to have such an incredible experience that I will never forget.

I also feel really empowered to be able to tell my positive birth story in reassuring women that this is possible and birth doesn't have to be a negative experience.

The mind is very powerful and you can achieve anything in the right mind set!


Chloe Vega X

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