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10 Powerful Australian Bushflower Essences for Your Pregnancy Journey

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are a gentle, yet extremely powerful system of healing that can help align you to emotional, physical and spiritual harmony.

The essences are completely safe, contributing only positive shifts to one’s wellbeing, making them the perfect remedy for pregnant women, babies and children.

What sort of emotional and physical problems in pregnancy can be addressed effectively by The Australian Bush Flower Essences?


The threatened miscarriage of a baby , especially if you have experienced previous miscarriages, is a harrowing mindset to be engaged in.

Emergency Essence is the combination remedy to have on hand and take regularly as any anxiety surrounding the possibility of losing your baby surfaces.

Woman Essence taken during the first trimester can also help to protect you from the threat of losing your baby, via its action in supporting the early and rapid hormonal changes.


Morning sickness is often associated with a mother’s fear surrounding some aspect of her pregnancy and initiation to motherhood.

The remedy for fear is Dog Rose, it is found in the combination Confid Essence, and if you suffer from morning sickness you will find this essence may also help ease your sensitive tummy.

Other remedies for nausea in pregnancy include:

  • Calm and Clear Essence to settle your stomach and aid digestion.

  • Dagger Hakea and Mountain Devil to support the liver.

  • Woman Essence to support hormonal balance.


Many pregnancy cravings signal that your body is needing a particular nutrient at a particular time, listening to your instincts when this happens is a great idea, Bush Fuchsia, found in the Woman Essence, will assist you to access your intuition and make the best food choices throughout your pregnancy.

Calm and Clear Essence contains both Crowea and Bottlebrush. Crowea supports the regulation of hydrochloric acid, essential for protein digestion, and Bottlebrush supports the large intestine ,taken together, both of these essences can help to reduce cravings by improving digestion and bowel transit time.

Peach-Flowered Tea Tree can also assist in the reduction of cravings as it works specifically with the pancreas in stabilizing blood sugar levels.


Expecting a baby is a profound and transformative experience, it is common to have fear and grief surface during pregnancy in addition to many other emotions in relation to your babies health and well being, your pregnancy journey , your ability to give birth, become a mother and how you will transition to a new little family unit.

The combination essence Relationship is often helpful as it contains flowers such as bluebell,dagger hakea boab and flannel flower which all assist the mother to express and verbalise her feelings, clear resentment as well as helping her to release early family conditioning.

Tailor made remedies with an Australian Bushflower Essence Practitioner for specific concerns are highly recommended for specific emotional challenges in pregnancy.


Confidence is vitally important for you as your baby’s birthing day draws nearer. When you feel confident in yourself and your body’s ability , you are more likely to enjoy a smoother and empowered birth experience with less likelihood of intervention.

Five Corners , a remedy in the Confid Essence will assist you to develop a sense of self-love and belief in self, it will assist you to build confidence in your body and its ability to give birth with grace and ease.

If you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the medical system, this combination essence will assist you to build the confidence to ask discerning questions, be clear about your choices and achieve your ideal birth.

Loss of Confidence due to your changing body shape can be addressed and reframed with the help of Billy Goat Plum , this essence engenders acceptance and respect for your physical self and will help you to feel so proud of your pregnancy body.


At the end of your pregnancy, you may be feeling physically uncomfortable as you are stretched to your limits!!

Your baby will also be dealing with more physical restriction as he/she continues to develop in your womb. Wild Potato Bush will free both you and baby physically and emotionally giving you both a sense of freedom and renewed enthusiasm.

If you are feeling impatient for baby to arrive, Black-eyed Susan is the remedy to use to centre yourself and be at peace with baby coming in their own timing.

In the last weeks of pregnancy , many mums are often accosted by friends, relatives and strangers alike with all manner of birthing stories (mostly horrendous ones! ) Here ,the essence of Fringed Violet works well by fortifying and sealing mums aura and providing psychic and energetic protection. Many pregnant mums report that they no longer have these experiences while taking the Fringed Violet essence.

The uses for the Australian Bushflower Essences in Pregnancy are limitless. They are equally amazing and beneficial in supporting women in labour and birth…more on the essences for labour later!

I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost , any questions regarding the essences are so welcome, they are my absolute passion.

Essences can give you that energetic lift and shift you really need to support you in pregnancy.

Love and Blessings Katie xxx

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